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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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I’ve Gone Geek

Well, geekier.

See, it all started in high school, when my then-boyfriend got me playing D&D and watching Dr. Who and Monty Python.  A guy I dated in college kept the D&D interest going, and added watching the occasional Star Trek: TNG episode.  Kris has certainly continued the trend – now I play video games, still play D&D, watch Battlestar Galactica, and now this.

My laptop is now running Linux.  Specifically, Ubuntu.

Last week, I was checking my laptop, and I realized that my 120GB hard drive was getting dangerously close to full, and since I continue to take pictures, it’s not like I’m going to start using LESS space anytime soon.  So, I looked online, and we found a new 500GB hard drive, which arrived here on Tuesday.  We found a free trial of migration software that would copy everything to my new external hard drive (Well, if I was buying the internal, I might as well get a backup, right?) and copy it back.  We worked on that Tuesday night while Carrie, Alex, and Irene were here for substitute trivia night (Long story, but Applebees has decided that they will no longer host the trivia game that we go to, and they haven’t found a new location for us yet).

It failed utterly.

So, we found instructions online for how to migrate Windows Vista onto a new hard drive.  I backed up all of my data, just like the instructions told me to.  We followed everything to the letter.  Installed the new hard drive last night.  Nada.  Didn’t work.  By about 9PM last night, I told Kris I was done.  I had spent enough time messing with it, and if M*cro$oft was going to make it completely impossible to legitimately upgrade my hard drive, well, they weren’t getting any of my business.  So, overnight I backed up my data AGAIN (not using the Windows utility this time), and this morning, I installed the new hard drive and we installed Ubuntu on it.

I’m in love.  Seriously – I’m still using Thunderbird and Firefox, and I’ve got Open Office for things like spreadsheets and word processing.  I can use Rhythmbox to listen to music, and Pidgin to chat with my Google buddies – I’ve lost pretty much nothing in terms of functionality. It’s brilliant.

And yes, I know that I could have gone with a Mac, but buying a new laptop would have been a significantly larger outlay of cash than the hard drive I already owned.  Plus, I love this laptop – I have stickers on the top of it, and I’m not willing to let them go just yet.  And the hardware works fine – I just needed a little more room.  😀

So, yeah.  I think I’m officially a bit geekier than I was a few days ago.

10 comments to I’ve Gone Geek

  • Am I supposed to say “Congratulations” to that? 😉

  • Veddy interesting. I will be buying my first laptop (that I bought myself – not for work) in a month or so, and I’ve been looking at alternated systems. We run vista on the desktop but I don’t love it!

  • Mag

    You made a great decision. Macs have their problems too. I am a longtime PC user but I won’t ever be using Vista.

  • Congratulations on making the switch. Isn’t it great how everything you need to be productive on a computer is absolutely free?

    Plus, check out GIMP – it’s even better than Photoshop (at least for editing photos – I haven’t tried it other uses). So much more intuitive <3

  • amanda

    You are one step closer to the “dark side,” my friend. 😉 I’m glad the migration was finally successful!

  • Just give in… things will be much smoother once you let go of the notion that you’re *not* a total geek.

    I speak from experience. 🙂

  • I’m a mac girl, but I must admit to being a little bit in love with the Linux penguin. Glad you’re rocking the alternative OS!

  • Yorkie

    Ubuntu is what we installed on this laptop when the hard drive went kablooie this summer. I LOVED it.

    Vi$ta should NEVER have been realised. It’s a nightmare.

  • Oooo! Maybe I’ll get my geek on, too. *runs to check out Ubunto*

  • But maybe I’ll learn how to spell it first.