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It’s (Almost) Gone

That’s right – Big Giant Tree is on its way to being history.

My original plan was to wait until this was all done and then post all the pictures at once, but we’ve hit a minor snag. It appears that the tree trunk is so large that the tree company does not have a chainsaw big enough to cut through it, so they are trying to figure out what to do.

That’s right – a TREE REMOVAL COMPANY does not have a chainsaw big enough to deal with my tree. That amuses me way more than it should. Also, Kris was curious and asked one of the guys today about what it would have cost us to have the tree removed ourselves. We had figured BG&E was probably saving us 5 or 6 grand. Nope. 15. It would have cost us FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to take that thing out. Thank heaven for this project!

They were originally supposed to cut the power and start work last Monday (the 22nd), but it was too cold, so BG&E wouldn’t cut power for a non-emergency (understandable).  So, work started on Tuesday.  They worked all day Tuesday and a half-day Wednesday (Christmas Eve), and returned yesterday.  Today, they are back doing cleanup while they figure out how to handle the trunk.

Tree Removal Mosaic

If you want to see all of the pictures, the Flickr set is here.

Carrie, Kris and I are brainstorming ideas of what to do with the trunk if they don’t figure out what to do with it soon.  Carrie thinks fairy cottage, Kris says carve it out and turn it into a shed, and I say hire a carver to do one of those big bear statues or something.  Stay tuned.  😀

14 comments to It’s (Almost) Gone

  • I say hire someone to make a lifesize statue of ME in your backyard.

  • Hugeness

    Damn! I was going to suggest a statue of me but I’m too late.
    If you make a carving of Jesus and claim that lightning hit the tree and did that, you could make a fortune from the pilgrimage. 🙂
    Since I was already going to Hell anyway…

  • You should get it carved into the shape of…a tree. No really! It would be a small tree in homage to your big tree. Which would be nice AND absurd, all at the same time. That spells a big win in my book. Plus then you could leave small bits of leftover yarn in the branches and watch the birdies steal them away for their nests.

    That or carve it into a huge yarn ball.

  • Yorkie

    Man, that is one fugly trunk ya got there now.

    Just set it on fire. That’s my answer to most things that need getting rid of and don’t have an immediate solution.

    Set the f***ing thing on fire.

  • thatjenchick

    The people who live across the street from my parents took a tree trunk and carved it into a flamingo and even painted it pink. Floyd even gets hats and other attire for holidays.

  • I like the idea of a fairy cottage, i’d hang out there.

  • bezzie

    Didn’t Pippi Longstocking have a tree trunk hideout? Wow, that’s going way back for me.

  • Jo

    It’s too bad you don’t have another one to link a hammock to.

  • Oh, carve it out, absolutely. Too cool!

    I agree, the fact that the tree is too big for the tree professionals’ equipment is very funny.

  • Hell yes you should get a bear sculpture out of that! How awesome would that be? Screw scarecrows. Scary bear!

  • Whew, that was a tree!! I’m on the carve something out of it! Wonder if you could find someone to do it for free advertisement or something.

  • Giant naked Mal. ‘Nuff said.

  • I’m crying for the tree, you know that right? All that beautiful wood…

    hehehehehehe… he said wood.

    I have an idea what to do with the trunk. You should definitely carve it out. But, then it can be the entrance to the new underground headquarters of the evil “League of Wierd Bald-Headed Dudes” that Kris is about to start.

    I win.

  • amanda

    Goodness. I am sad for tree. But – happy for GRASS!

    Maybe a 3-tiered dog house with steps so each could have a spot? 🙂