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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Theatre People Are Strange

OK, not shocking news, I know. 😀

Anyway, remember this? Kris decided that after the show, he was just going to shave his head totally and start fresh. Somehow, this evolved into doing it AT the cast party, and letting everyone take a turn with the clippers. Once we started, Rich decided he was up […]

It’s (Almost) Gone

That’s right – Big Giant Tree is on its way to being history.

My original plan was to wait until this was all done and then post all the pictures at once, but we’ve hit a minor snag. It appears that the tree trunk is so large that the tree company does not have a […]

Opening Night

Thank you all for the good wishes – the show went FANTASTICALLY well last night. The audience was great – responsive, energetic, exactly what the cast needed for the first time in front of people. I’m still floating! I forgot my camera last night, but I’m going to try to bring it tonight and get […]


So, yes, it’s opening night tonight, and I am bouncing off the walls, I’m so excited. But I made this for dinner last Saturday, with grand plans to blog about it on Sunday, but we spent SO much time at the theatre the next couple of days that I just got the pictures off my […]

Quick Update

Dress rehearsals have gone REALLY well the last two nights. We’re short one and a half actors tonight – our Lucas and Kenny both have finals, so Kenny may be late, and Lucas is probably not going to make it at all – so we’re doing a less heavy-duty runthrough before we open TOMORROW!!!

We’ve […]

I’m Still Alive.

I think.

It’s been a very long couple of days. We spent all day Sunday (literally – 10am to 10:30pm) at the theatre, building the set, painting, etc., etc. Yesterday, we headed back over at 5:30-ish to do some touch-up painting and get the furniture in place, plus do a full run-through of the show. […]

Well, Today’s The Day

At least, in theory it is. Remember the tree? The big, huge tree in our backyard that the power company was sending someone to cut down? Well, there were a couple of times that I thought it’s end was, as they say, nigh, but they were false alarms. Once the tree people had been in […]

Giggle du Jour

So, CBear posted this link on the knittyboards, and I had to post the comic here. It’s yesterday’s “Rhymes with Orange” strip, and it’s TOO funny.

In other news, I finished up the mittens yesterday morning while we were waiting for Mindy to recover from Saturday night. I won’t go into detail, […]

Well, There’s a Shocker.

Glittrgirl posted this today, so I thought I’d check it out for myself.

Your rainbow is shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook […]