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One More Voice Heard


Kris had decided last week that he was getting up early this morning so that he could vote before work.  I decided to go with him.  We got to the high school just a few minutes before the polls opened at 7.  The line was significant, which made us both happy.  We joined it, and we waited.  He read (currently, Thoreau’s Walden), and I worked on the Eye of Partridge shawl.


It’s 21″ across the top right now, and per my scale I’ve used 15g out of the 100.

We made our way across the parking lot, slowly but steadily, and were finished and headed back to the car at ten minutes after eight.  We ran over to Panera to grab breakfast (A spinach and artichoke baked egg souffle and a GIANT mug of hot chocolate.  Yum.), and then Kris dropped me off at home before heading to the office.

So, it’s now 9:15, I’ve done my civic duty, and I have the whole day ahead of me.  My only plans?  Do some research on election-related trivia (because if we get NO election questions tonight, I’ll be surprised), and make a run to Target to see if I can find one of the Rizzo Barbies that the insanely cool Penny Karma sent me a picture of this morning.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, what the hell are you waiting for?  (Non-US citizens obviously exempt from that question.)

16 comments to One More Voice Heard

  • Jo

    Pam… that’s a pretty nice cleavage shot 😉

  • If my lovely hubby makes his way over here, you KNOW that he will also leave a boobage-comment. 🙂

    Yeah, JAM and I waited in line from 6:45 to 8:50. That was tough, my friend! We originally joined the line not in the high school parking lot, but all the way up to GB Road!! Aaaahhhh!

  • We will be making our way to the polls just as soon as hubby gets home from work! Good for you for taking your civil responsibility serious!

  • Panera soufflés are the bomb, yo.

    I voted last week. I officially adore early voting. Short lines, and they just swiped our drivers’ licenses through a reader and gave us a ballot. The kids got “I voted” stickers, too. 🙂

    The suspense is killing me…

  • The downside to mail-in ballots is that I don’t get a cool sticker like some folks. Now I just have to wait on the results of the popular vote to see if I won a bet.

  • Apparently people are talking about me? Am I some kind of cleavage monster?

    Well, yes, apparently I am. But if you put something in the shop window don’t you expect people to look at it? 🙂

    Here’s to my impending 2-3 hour wait online to vote tonight. I’ll miss all of the election coverage but at least I’ll get to say I voted.

    *thinking* I wonder if you can bring a cooler with you to stand on line to vote?

  • I know the lines are a deterrent for some people. But I’m with you. It’s so exciting!!!

  • Um, I’m waiting until I can leave work… 😉

    I have my Kindle and some sock knitting with me, I’m READY for the lines!!

  • Yorkie

    HAH! I beat you! I voted two weeks ago by absentee! NEEEENER NEEENER…

    *ahem* This taunting would have much more impact if absentee ballots actually counted for something. Alas.

  • You forgot convicted felons and informed non-voters…they have their reasons too!

  • I love early voting, I was done in 10 mins! Wished we had a Panera here! Kris’s sweater is looking good!

  • Did you get Pink Lady Rizzo or Prom Rizzo??

  • I left work at 3 PM to pick my son up at college (~1 hour away) to drive to the polling place (~1.25 hours away). We arrived at our polling place at 7:30 PM…

    But we arrived in time.

    He got to cast his first votes ever and I got to cast my many more than that-th votes! 😉 (votes because there were a number of things to vote on! :))

  • Can’t do the long lines thing, so I always leave work mid-morning to vote. Shane and I were in, out, and back at work in a 1/2 hour.

    How cool that your sticker is bilingual!

  • You could have been like me – getting up @ 5am and rolling to the polling place in my jammies (yes) getting there 20 minutes b4 polls opened, wait for an hour then realize you have no id.
    Go home, shower dress for j.o.b.#1 – rush back to polls, wait another 45 mins – vote – then rush to work and be 30 mins late… then rush to j.o.b. #2 all while getting text & random election updates, then roll home and in the door @ 11:22pm with 2 hours of homework and classes the next day. Woo!

    But the important thing is V-O-T-E 🙂