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NaKniSweMo 2008

That’s right.  I am taking the plunge this year.

For the non-knitters among you, NaKniSweMo stands for National Knit a Sweater Month.  As in, start it on the first, finish it on the 30th.  It was started as a companion to the NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month).  The goal is a 50,000 stitch sweater, to go with the 50,000 word novel.

I decided to tackle it this year because Kris is doing NaNoWriMo.  He’s been talking about getting back into writing for a long time, and I suggested it to him.  So, in support of his efforts, I am knitting a sweater for him.

Do you remember this yarn?


(Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes in “Chocolate”, “Tan”, and “Burnt Orange”)

It’s been in the stash for, erm, a while now. I knew I wanted to make a sweater for Kris, but I hadn’t decided exactly what I wanted to do.  I finally decided to make a top-down sweater with set-in sleeves, in a Fibonacci stripe pattern.  I’m using Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top as a guide, and so far, so good!


I LOVE the way this yarn (50-50 Alpaca and Merino) is working up.  The stitch definition is gorgeous, and the fabric is wonderful.  Kris is going to be very cuddly in this.  😀

I’ve got the sleeves started, and am hoping to split them off by the end of today or tomorrow so that I can get the body going.  The stripes slow things down a little, but it’s not terrible.  It’s an enjoyable knit, so I’m having fun working on it.

Just keep your fingers crossed that I can finish it by Nov. 30!

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