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This EoP Thing is Addictive

Seriously – I’ve been working on the Liberated Laceweight shawl pretty continually this weekend, which is way easy to do, what with no charts or anything to mess with.  Of course, I did have some snarling issues on Saturday, so I lost about two hours detangling and re-winding, but even so, check out how big this is getting!  (And I realize that it may not seem all that big, but let me remind you – laceweight on US0’s!)


Apologies – slightly blurry photo.  The colors are fairly accurate though, and I like the way they pool a little, and then break apart again.  (Oh, and a note on the nailpolish – if you know me, you might know that I rarely wear polish, because it peels off my nails.  Not just chips – the whole nail’s worth will peel off in one big piece, usually a day or two at the most after I do them.  This has been on since LAST WEDNESDAY, and I do not have one single chip.  I’ve even done dishes!  I may buy one of every color of this stuff.  It’s AMAZING!)

I’m in LOVE with the fabric it is making.  It’s amazingly soft (silk, I know.  Duh), and has a nice spring to it.  I’m going to love wearing this.  Someday.  Speaking of, I need to weigh the ball o’ silk and see if I’ve actually made an appreciable dent in it yet.  I’m guessing not much of one.

The one thing I am running into with this… ok, two things. (Our chief weapons are…) 1. I’m completely distracted from the Mystery Stole.  I’m aaaaalmost done with clue 3 on the second end, and the final clue (#6) comes out this Friday.  Which means I’ve got 2 clue 4’s and 2 clue 5’s to finish, PLUS clue 6 and (dun dun DUNNNNN) The Grafting.  *shudder*  I’d really like to get back in the groove with it, because I do think it’s going to be lovely.  I’m just in “OOH!  Shiny!” mode at the moment.  Do you remember that “6 Word Memoir” meme?  Version one was “Easily distracted by shiny, pretty things”…

And 2. I’m terribly tempted to stash dive for some of the other silk yarn I have hiding in there, some of which is significantly heavier than laceweight.  I’ve got some gorgeous Alchemy Silk, I know that, and a couple of other things, too – they are calling to me.  But I really, REALLY should finish the Some Like It Hot gloves (Seriously – nothing but the fingers left to do, and I haven’t touched them in at least 2 or 3 weeks.), and I should get back to the Mystery Stole.

OK.  I think I’m going to make a deal with myself.  I need to save the EoP shawl for rehearsals, so I have something to do with my hands.  I’ll work on the gloves while we’re watching tv, until they are done.  That REALLY shouldn’t take long at all if I just focus on them.  Once they are done – completely done, elastic inserted, ends woven in – I will focus on the Mystery Stole.  Once that is done, I am allowed to look for more silk to play with.  I need to figure out a project anyway, since most of my silk isn’t earmarked for anything specific.  It’s just in the “Silk and blends” cubby of the Expedit.  Yes, my yarn storage does in fact have some level of organization to it.  I still need to go through and cull some things, though.  I’ve got one giant Space Bag of stuff I’m putting up for sale, I’d like to pull at least that much more to add to it.  Once I do, I’ll put a page up here and get the info on Ravelry, too.  There are just a lot of projects I had planned once upon a time that no longer fit with what I like to knit and/or wear.  So, keep an eye out.  There might be something you would love!  😀

And I think that’s enough rambling for one Monday morning.  Gee, aren’t you guys thrilled that I’ve gotten back into the blogging groove so that you get to read my random thoughts with greater frequency?  😀  Oh, speaking of the blogging groove, two things.  1. Go bug my hubby and tell him to update his damn blog.  He was doing so well.  Maybe a little love will help get him started again.  I like being able to read what he’s thinking about.  And 2. Steve has been inspired by Amanda and I (Heaven knows why…), and has decided to try to post every day in October.  Go show him some support, too, would you?

10 comments to This EoP Thing is Addictive

  • Gorgeous!

    The shawl and the nails! I have the same problem with polish – and I now use OPI polishes, and before using a product of theirs called CHIP SKIP… it’s basically an alcohol that removes all the oils from the nail so the polish sticks. My only advice is to put a clear base coat, because dark colors tend to stain a bit more when you do the Chip Skip…


  • My MS4 mojo is seriously flagging, too. I’m kinda undecided about how much I like the design, but I’ve put so much time into it, that I really want a finished stole! I’m current on the clues… on the first side. That second side is looking mighty intimidating right now! I’m sure the grafting will be fine though.

  • Do you put a base coat on? Because even the OPI peels off of me. Not just chips.

  • whichendisup

    The lace scarf I’m doing for my mom is like that – totally addictive! It’s both wonderful and distracting to be so thoroughly consumed by a project, esp when you have a couple on the needles (all of which you WANT to finish). Life can be so hard. 😉 I’m desperately fighting the urge to liberate more laceweight. I lost the last battle, we’ll see how this one goes! Your EoP is really lovely, I think I’m gonna love that stitch too.

  • You may end up sucking me into this EoP thing too. Dammit, I have so much on my list!!! LoL I’m about to the point of trying to prioritize it all like you have too.

    Oh, and blogging? Yeah… someday I’ll be more regular…

  • Your shawl is a work of art already. Don’t be shy about posting plenty of pictures… yarn that delicious never gets boring to admire.

  • See? See? See why I do them on the heel flaps on almost every pair of socks? EoP is just too damn pretty!

  • bezzie

    Hm between you and Weeze, I might have to check out an Eye of Partridge in some form or another.

  • It is looking fabulous so far! I noticed the nails right away too!