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Things I Learned from TV

So, I usually have the tv on for background noise while I’m at home during the day.  There’s a bit of a dearth of good stuff on if one isn’t a fan of soap operas or trash talk shows, so when I come across a marathon of something even half-decent, I’m happy.  In the case of last week, it was a CSI:NY marathon on Spike.  Spike is not exactly my usual channel of choice, and I’m generally not their target demographic.  After watching last week though, I think I have figured out their target demographic based on the ads they run.

First of all, I already know their target is male.  That’s easy – they call themselves television for men.  More specifically, though, their viewers:

  • Are overweight, or believe they are.  Every commercial break had an ad for at least one of the following: a BowFlex, a pull-up bar that mounts in your doorway, and some form of weight-loss miracle drug.
  • Have issues in the bedroom.  I have seen the ads for Vasomyne and Enzyte more times than I can stand.  Speaking of, if you have seen the one for Vasomyne, there is a couple on there – the guy says something about “She bought it for me, and now I’m a believer.”  Um… call me crazy, but if your girlfriend/wife buys you a “male enhancement product”, shouldn’t you take that as an insult?  “Hi honey.  Here – try this.  Just don’t notice the fact that it indicates that I think you have a teeny weenie.”  This is a SELLING point for them?
  • Have some sort of legal/tax problems.  There is this one annoying attorney whose ads are on there constantly.
  • Are disgusting slobs who have rats and roaches all over the place, so they need to buy a Riddex gadget to get rid of them.

It’s amazing the things you can learn from watching way too much of a channel.

In other news, today marks a milestone for me.  I noticed early in the month that I had posted every day in September up to that point, so I challenged myself to keep it going.  As of this post, I have posted at least once per day for the entire month of September.  Now, I don’t even begin to claim that they were brilliant posts or anything, but I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging, rather than having it be a chore, which it had sort of become for a while.

I’m working on a show at one of the local community theatres, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll keep up the posting-every-day thing, but I am going to try to keep up with posting a little more regularly now that I’m back in the habit a little more.  🙂

12 comments to Things I Learned from TV

  • Hugeness

    Whenever I get to watch daytime TV, I always notice that everyone watching at that time is usually hurt in an accident (lawyer commercials) or is unemployed/underemployed (tech schools, trucking schools, correspondence schools). It only takes a couple shows (not even hours) to get tired of seeing the same commercials over and over again. Not sure where people taking a mental health day fit in but it’s obviously not in the advertising scheme to market anything to us. Just be glad you’re out of the 18-34 demographic now. Your opinion isn’t worth anything anymore so advertisers will leave you alone. 🙂

  • I notice a similar effect during hockey season. As a near-40, knitting, reading, cat-loving female, I’m not the target audience for hockey games either. I try to be grateful that these companies are willing to sponsor my sport-of-choice, but sometimes it’s hard!

  • bezzie

    I lvoe those commericals. During the nightly news it’s ads for “seniors” arthritis and cholesterol drugs and life insurance policies.

  • I’ve been knitting along to the same cs:ny marathon 🙂 You’re right about the commercials, it’s the male enhancement ones that stuck out the most to me.

  • Ugh, I hate that Bowflex commercial – the one where the asshat says “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends.” Yeah, bet they’re not you’re friends anymore you obnoxious jackhole.

  • Er, “your” not “you’re”. Grammar apparently goes right out the window when I’m miffed.

  • OMG! So true!! I just watched a CSI marathon a week or two ago on Spike (a channel I rarely watch, but I love a good “marathon”) and I made the same observation to my sister!

    And yesterday, at my friend’s house all day knitting, she had the “trash talk” shows on and I said, “Wow, they must think you need a job! Everyother commercial is suggesting you need one and how to get it!” How depressing. Side note, she has a job 🙂

    You’ve been a busy poster! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do 🙂

  • rebel

    Yeah, I would notice when I was watching chick-TV that every commercial was for feminine hygiene products or detergent. =/

  • rebel

    Oh – but about posting. Post when you want to. Too much of life is a chore already, blog because it makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy – don’t do it – that’s my philosophy.

  • Don’t sweat it, blogging goes in cycles. It doesn’t matter what I’m watching, that d@mned natural male enhancement commercial with Bob, “this chubby Santa,” and the irritating music comes on. FYI:I hurt a boy badly in HS. I’m not proud of it at all. My brother ran into him last year in my home town. He’s married, got kids…normal AND he asked about me. Forgive yourself, he has.

  • You’ll also see they advertise the extra super huge fast food value meals. And at least for Comcast, Spike is channel 69.

    Yeah. We’re not the demographic – but I do watch a good amount of CSI at dinnertime…

  • hehehehe
    you said teeny weenie

    I know what Kris is getting for Christmas from us!!!!