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And this is why I don’t like to use DPN’s.

So, Kris and I were out doing some running around today, and he was nice enough to drive, so that I could get some time in on take two of the Some Like It Hot gloves.  I cast them on last night and got through the first cuff while watching the pilot of “Eureka!” with Alex and Carrie.  (Side note – why did I not watch this show before?  It’s awesome!)

As I was working, I knit the last stitch from my left needle, and was in the process of shifting them to work on the next needle’s stitches, when the empty needle slid from my hand, onto my leg.  From there, it slid sideways.  Where did it go?


That’s the parking brake for my car.  Do you see the little tiny hole in the corner on the left, where the brake goes into the console?  My damn needle slid STRAIGHT into that hole, disappearing into what I now call the “DPN-eating black hole of DOOOOOOM”  (It’s labeled as such in Flickr). That would NEVER have happened if I was using my standard 2-circ method, but this pattern won’t really work with that.

Happily, my husband is resourceful, and when we stopped shortly thereafter so that I could gas up the car, he detatched the console from the floor and popped it up so we could retrieve the needle.  And he did it WHILE I was gassing up.  Isn’t he fab?

So, today’s status:


I’ve got the gloves further now than they were when I ripped them on Thursday – a few more repeats and I’ll be ready to start the thumb gussets!  And yes, I know that one is shorter than the other.  I’m alternating between them.  It will catch up.

9 comments to And this is why I don’t like to use DPN’s.

  • rebel

    Dude… you have to love a resourceful man!

  • Wild!! I thought you had broken all of them! Glad Kris could rescue them. My hubby would have said bye, bye LOL!

  • That is one seriously cool husband! I’d put this post down as another reason why I don’t like to use DPN’s too!

    The gloves are looking gorgeous btw!

  • Oh how frustrating. That’s one of several reasons why I don’t like dpns too. I pretty much gave up on them after I lost one in my recliner. Good for Kris for retrieving it.

    Many years ago, on a trip to San Francisco, I lost my grandmother’s ring in the center console of a rental car. I ended up having to take the car to a shop, where the mechanic had to remove the driver’s seat and the console in order to find the ring. Those consoles can swallow all sorts of things.

  • Kris is definitely one of a kind! Good on him for retrieving your needles so swiftly!

  • bezzie

    Ha ha! I’ve got a CC stuck in the inside of my door…it’s amazing the blackholes of doom that exist on the average automobile!

  • I never thought of detaching the console…

    Usually I lose it alongside the seat, also never to be seen again. Or, at least until I hit a stoplight….

  • I wouldn’t have thought to detach the console either. yet another reason to keep Kris around 😉

    in my Jetta, the black hole of dooooom is actually that space between the center thing and the seat. there’s so much crap under the seat (to make the seat slide and whatever) and the space is so small, it’s damn near impossible to get a hand in there to retrieve anything. the first thing I dropped down there? the freakin’ car key! (the keychain attaching bit was broken off before I got it)

  • Pam, they are looking good! I expect to see you wearing them next week…