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Renn Faire!

So, we spent yesterday at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival with Carrie, Alex and Irene (and ran into Amanda and Cassandra, but didn’t get to hang with them much, because we seemed to be going in opposite directions every time 🙁 )  We did a little shopping (and I ordered something that I might model once it gets here, depending on how brave I feel), and a bit of eating.

Kris, with a Steak on a Stake:


Well, MOST of us did a bit of eating.  Alex did a LOT of eating.

Bratwurst and sauerkraut:


Fried pickes:


A regular pickle:


Which came with salmon croquettes:


A pretzel:


Chicken on a lance:


And finally, cinnamon-roasted nuts (OMG these are so good.  When we walked past the booth, Kris and I both just inhaled.  They smell amazing.):


Clearly, Alex knows what he wants to do at the Renn Faire.  😀  Myself, I enjoyed a lovely spinach pie, some macaroni and cheese on a stick, and some cream puffs on a stick.  It’s a Renn Faire.  Food-on-a-stick is a requirement.  Speaking of, Kris did a little photo project while we were there, so I’ll let you know when he posts it and it’s up here.  Go see!  🙂

I wore my Chrysanthemum Tea Skirt, and Kris got a couple of pictures, so there may ACTUALLY be a FO post soon.  Let’s not discuss the fact that it’s been done for two weeks…

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