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WIP Wednesday

First of all, thank you ALL for your sweet thoughts on yesterday’s blog post. It’s not something I want to get into publically right now, but those who know me well have pretty much figured out what I was talking about. It’s not anything terrible – no divorce pending or anything like that. Kris and I are doing a lot of talking and thinking, and I may share my thoughts here later, but for now, I’m just not ready. Your thoughts and hugs and encouragement (and pillows. Thanks, Yorkie!) mean a lot, though.

OK – on to the WIP Wednesday part of the post. February Lady continues to progress, although not as quickly as I would like. I want it to be DONE, because I’m going to love it, but it’s just not there yet. 🙂


So, do you remember a while back when I kicked a 3-pound weight with my bare foot? Apparently, I wasn’t satisfied with that, so yesterday I caught my baby toe on the leg of one of our Poang footstools. Owie. It’s kind of an ugly purple right now, and it still hurts. I’m a bit concerned that I might really have broken it this time, but I do NOT have time to get it checked out, since all they would do is tape it to the next toe anyway. For the squeamish, look away now.


So, yeah. Ow. And I’ve already been yelled at to stop running around barefoot, but that ain’t gonna happen. I hate wearing shoes indoors. Clearly, I need to do something crazy like pay attention to where the hell I’m going.

14 comments to WIP Wednesday

  • That Lady may not be going as fast as you like, but she is coming along beautifully!

    Ooooooowwwwwwww. Maybe you should just wrap a foam bumper around all your furniture. Any anything lying on the floor.

  • Jo

    Ouch! Pam, stop kicking stuff – you need those feet for the next 50 – 60 years! The sweater looks lovely – I think I need to cast on for that.

  • maybe you just need to get foot-friendly furniture so that when you do kick it, no pain.

    at least you don’t need your toes to knit. (spinning’s another matter)

  • That sweater is great! It’s in my queue. Can’t wait to see it on you!

    I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see the toe. Owie. Tape it up well!

  • ew! (the toe, not the knitting, that’s lovely)

    Did you buddy tape it yourself? I thought I broke my toe once, and they way the bent it around to take the xray was terrible! It hurt so bad!

    Just tape it. Save yourself the copay. And wear shoes! 🙂

  • Just tape it up yourself! It really does help and that’s all you would pay money for the doctor to do…

    Growing up I had towels wrapped around the legs of my bed because I would *always* run into them. You would think the fact that they are *under* the bed would help but noooo. My toes always found them!

  • OW! Is that your toe nail all purple and pointy? Ouch.

    February Lady is looking good! I’ve finally decided (after a bit DUH moment) what to make mine out of. Remember that Brooks Farm Mas Acero I got at SAFF? That.

  • Usually I’m totally with you on the barefoot thing, but for some reason I’ve been wearing shoes/sandals always recently. And by recently I mean in the past couple of years. I think dorm living did it to me…

  • Dude, I KNEW Ikea was evil! 😉

    I hate reaching that point on a sweater–so close, yet so far. YOu just want to finish it so you can wear it now!

  • Yep, just tape it.

    And wear shoes.

  • PooterP

    I vote for shoes…you need shoes…maybe steel toe 🙂
    The lady is looking wonderful..

  • Dude – I thought I had ugly toes! 🙂 That is most definitely busted, I’m so sorry.

  • The sweater is coming along fabulously!! Gorgeous!!

    And a big ouch. Ow. Ouch. Hope it doesn’t hamper your weekend of fun!!