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The Anti-Cristi

See, I’m never going to be as fabulous and elegant as Cristi and her glass of wine. I’m really more of a beer kind of girl. So, since I finished my Ribbon Clapotis, I thought I should have the FO photoshoot as something of a more me-esque homage to her Ivy League Vest post.

So, here I am with my “I wish I had Cristi’s hair” scrunched curls and my trusty bottle of Yuengling Lager (Rosi – take note. 🙂 )


Woohoo! It’s done! Also, the sun is kind of in my eyes.


Kris said he liked the way it was draped. I think he wanted to take a picture of my butt. Happily, it’s smaller than it used to be, so I’m actually willing to post it.


Beer good. Pam like beer. Foamy.


Yes, I managed to dribble some down my chin. Because I am precisely that cool.

And since I’ll be pretty much packing all day tomorrow, you won’t be seeing any WIP posts, since I don’t have anything to photograph now! And no, I’m not posting pictures of a pile of my underwear in my suitcase.

27 comments to The Anti-Cristi

  • Wuhahaha! I love that you did this shoot! The clap looks great!

  • It looks gorgeous congrats!

  • OMG!! I love the ode-to-Cristi photo shoot!! Fabulous!! The clapotis turned out awesome too! Perfect for your cruise. Have a great time!

  • LOL!
    Congratulations on the beautiful clapotis and the smaller butt! Have a great time on your trip!

  • Hehe..we can all aspire to model like her..won’t happen with me either 😉 However!! It is so pretty! Nice job! Have a super trip!

  • Jet

    You are awesome. 🙂 And the Clapotis is gorgeous.

  • love the photo shoot and the clap!

    have fun on the cruise!

  • I’ love the beer-chin-dribble. Thanks for sharing. Someday I’ll have “the Clap” too,

  • My husband loves the Yuengling too. In fact .. if I ever get around to posting again, you’ll be able to spot one in the picture of our graduation present. Yay!

    The clapotis is beautiful. I’m jealous.

  • amy

    Yuengling is the bomb. Being able to actually buy it is one of the huge perks of moving back home!! Would you believe that I flipped out watching “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” because in one shot they were in West Hollywood and there was a Yuengling placard on the table? (Gimme a break … I knew a guy who was working as a grip on that show, and can you really not enjoy mocking Jessica’s stupidity?)

    Have a wonderful time on the cruise! 🙂

  • Jo

    Oh Pam, thank you for giving my first laugh of the day 🙂 I love the clap – and I think your hair looks cute all scrunched like that!

  • HAHAHAHAHA You’re too much. The Clapotis looks fantastic! Great shoot. =)

  • PooterP

    Some of us are just beer girls…and proud of it. Your Clapotis is wonderful. Have fun on the cruise…pp

  • That’s lovely!!

    ~TopazGirl from Ravelry

  • Love the shoot! I too want to know how the heck it is Cristi never seems to take a bad picture! I mean… I pick wine over beer any day… but I apparently manage to end up looking like a beer girl with it even! Go figure!

    Your clappy is beautiful!

  • Well, his excuse was really good, cos it *is* draped really nicely over your back 😉 Looks fabulous, and hey your hair looks awesome that way!

  • Magatha

    Hey, you’re just as cute as can be. Me likey beer too. Wine OK in pinch. 😉
    The clap is beautiful, (and that is really saying something as I’ve seen oh, at least one or two of them.)

  • In your second picture I was like, ‘wow her butt looks cute in that pic’ and I hadn’t even got to the little caption below yet. I don’t know whether you consider that flattering or creepy, but if my butt did indeed look good, I would want someone to share that with me.
    I love your clap too. I need to make one. Its really time.

  • Yeah, I’m getting the ribbon if I go to MDSW next year. Definitely.

    Have a wonderful time on Sea Socks! Make sure you get some qiviut as a souvenir. 🙂

  • OMG back atcha! That is too weird that we posted them at the same time, and even in different yarns, in almost the exact same colors! Does that mean we’re sharing the same brain? Which would mean, of course, that i get to share your stash…. muahahahahaha!

    It looks fabulous! Really beautiful!

    Boys, they’ll think of any excuse to eye the caboose. 😉

  • Gurl someone personally e-mailed me your blog entry yesterday!!

    Hilarious!!! :oD

    And your Clapotis came out beautimous! ;op

    Can’t wait to hear about your cruise now!

  • rebel

    You are one classy broad! you look great in the clapotis!

  • The clap looks great and so do you!

  • Your Clappy is so purty! Color looks great on you too!

    (Running off now to work on mine, slowest/fastest project at the same time to date!)

  • Love the clap and the pink. Have fun..I mean lots of it. 😉

  • Nice clap!!! Beer looks good, but it still ain’t Corona! LOL I can’t find that thing here!! I’m going to the Bronx this weekend so I’ll check there and hit you back.