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Plumbing Update

So, I’m trying to get the house ready for an influx of crazy knitter friends this weekend for Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I throw in a load of laundry. By this point, you know what’s coming, don’t you?

Yup – f’er backed up again and spewed rinse water all over the floor. We heard it and both SPRINTED to the laundry room, where I paused the washer and we started throwing down towels to soak up the water.

By this point, I’ve had it with this whole issue, so Kris and I called the plumbers (same people who helped us with the tree-root issue last November). When Kris explained the situation to the lovely fellow who came over, he said that it’s actually not an uncommon problem with houses set up like ours – the laundry drain goes into the same pipe as the kitchen sink drain. So, the normal buildup that happens when you put food and grease down the disposal apparently combines with the bits of fuzz that come off your clothes in the washer. It forms this nasty clog and will eventually cause some drainage issues.

Happily, it looks like he’s got most of it dealt with with his plumber’s snake, and we should be back in business ASAP. Which means I can finish the washing of our comforter, which needed to be done because of some issues with a very dumb dog who likes to eat the nasty things she finds in the yard and then get sick because of it. Including all over my damn bed. *sigh*

And we’re definitely going to check with him to see if there is anything he suggests to keep the issues with this to a minimum. I really don’t want to have to call him again. 🙂

ETA:  He gave us some enzyme stuff that we are supposed to use every night for the next week, and then once a month after that.  It should keep the pipes nice and clean.  And I did finish that load of laundry with no overflowing.  Woohoo!

3 comments to Plumbing Update

  • Your gonna laugh but one thing that really helps that is sooo simple? Now we’re talking the literal hose in the sink right? You need a knee-hi and a rubber band. Just make sure when its fastened on, that you have the majority of the knee-hi hanging off the hose into the sink. Sounds too simple but it works at least to get the gunk filtered out of the water and to not go down your drain. Sometimes the stupid sounding fixes are the best working ones!

  • That seems like the weirdest plumbing set up! But I tell you what, crappy plumbing is the best teacher!

  • Hmm. Sounds like I need to start snaking around a bit. It would explain why the garage floor got “washed” yesterday….