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It’s Still Wednesday, Right?

So, since I finished the BSJ, I decided to pick up an oldie-but-goodie.

The Tess Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon Clapotis!
(oops, blurry! Sorry!)

I picked up this yarn at last year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I thought I’d give a shot at getting it done for this year’s festival in, uh, ten days.

I bought three hanks of the ribbon, and I’m on the last one now.

Honestly, I love the colors, I love the way it is knitting up, but I will never work with this yarn again. Winding it is a complete pain in the ass – 333 yards per hank, and you have to do it by hand. It CANNOT be done on a ballwinder. Too bad, too, because it’s REALLY pretty stuff.

Anyway, I think I’m going to get as far as I can in the straight section by next Thursday. If I haven’t hit where I need to to use up all the yarn (I weighed the increase section to know how much I used), I’ll just call it a day and start the decreases anyway. I just have a feeling that if I don’t finish this one up by this festival, it may never get done. 🙂

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