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Painful WIP

No, not the knitting (I’ll get to that in a second). I’m working on a slightly different WIP – me. I’m tired of being overweight and squishy and unhealthy, so I am (once again) working on it. I had been walking on my treadmill for a while, but I got bored with it (I can only stare at the wall of my living room for so long, you know?), and I sort of quit doing it. So, I’m trying something new in the hopes of kicking myself in the (bigger than I’d like it to be) butt.

So, today, I did level one of this (artfully posed with my wussy 3-pound hand weights):


And to be totally honest, I couldn’t even do all of it. And even now, 20 minutes after finishing, I’m vaguely nauseous. This is a TOUGH workout. I shudder to think what levels 2 and 3 are like. I’ll get there, but whoo. Not anytime real soon. But, dammit, I’ll get there. Because I want to love what I see in the mirror, and not just when I’m wearing stuff from my new favorite “Oh my God I want to knit everything in it” book More Big Girl Knits. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, you really should. Great fit advice and suggestions, and GORGEOUS patterns. Possibly even better than the first one, which I also adore. Amy and Jillian, I love you both. I almost don’t want to lose weight, because then I’d have to adjust the patterns to make them fit. 😀

ETA: I think I’ve decided that I’m going to make this part of my WIP Wednesday posts. I’m going to update my status here, so you guys can keep me honest. (And thank you for the encouraging comments I’ve already gotten! You guys rule!)

So, as of today, my 5’9″ self is:

  • Weight: 220.8 pounds
  • Bust: 46″
  • Waist: 39″
  • Hips: 47″

We’ll see how those numbers change as I keep doing the workouts on the dvd and trying to eat better.

But I digress. Y’all want to see my current WIPs. (And omg. So shaky that I can’t even type. It took me three tries to get “current” right. Yeesh I’m in crappy shape.) One of them, well, I can’t show you. I’m doing a test crochet project for a friend, and the publisher who will be putting out the pattern does not want it shown anywhere before it comes out. Sorry about that.

So, for my “safe to show in public knitting”, I’ve started a Baby Surprise Jacket for some friends’ little guy who arrived a bit early (4 weeks, but he and mom are both home and healthy).


This is in Universal Yarns Classic Worsted LP in “Purple Day” (it’s a bit more blue than purple to me, but hey, what do I know?). I picked this up at the Celtic Knot last week, and I REALLY like this. It’s soft and bouncy and knits up beautifully. Oh, yeah, and it’s 80% acrylic. Kris and Carrie were both surprised by it last night when I showed them. I’ve finished the decreases, and am about to start the increases.

So, I think I’m going to crawl over to the couch and whimper. Once I recover some strength in my arms, I’ll tackle the BSJ or the crochet. Depends on which one is less effort to reach. 😀

29 comments to Painful WIP

  • DON’T GIVE UP!!! You can do this and it’ll be great for you! And don’t let the sore get the better of you. Being sore is only worthwhile if you work out again the next day!

    BSJ looks great. I need to make one of those someday. 🙂

  • Props to you! Soon, you’ll be flying through the levels! 🙂

  • I’m with you on wanting to love what you see in the mirror – and I would probably be just as bad after a level 1 workout. You’re going to do great though! Don’t give up!

  • You can doooo eeeeet! Seriously. The beginning is the hardest, but once you get past that point, it’s all downhill. Don’t lose hope!

  • I’m right there with ya..it’s tough to be really honest with yourself especially when standing in front of a mirror. And we all have to start some where. I’ve been complaining about 10 lbs (it’s really more like 35 but I’ll stick with 10 just for ego purposes) that I’ve needed to lose for a couple of years now. It’s good that you are more then just talk, putting it on the blog will definitely make you more then accountable. Congrats and we all deserve a little whimper now and then!

  • You can do it!

    I would encourage you to not post measurements every week though. Inches come off over time. Maybe once a month? Then you’ll see a change and be more encouraged. =)

  • Rock on with your bad self! Exercise is good for all of us. And it’s definitely worth the burn to get to a happier you.

  • rebel

    Bravo for working out – weights are very good for you.

    But please please please be careful!! I went on a weight-loss kick several years ago and did some hard-core workout videos. I lost a lot of weight and put on some great muscle. But I also completely and totally ruined my knee. So work out hard, but pay attention to your joints – if it hurts STOP.

    Keep up the good work!

  • You’re my idol. I need to join you on this journey!

    I was beating myself up last night–I had 4 months since the New Year to lost weight before the cruise and I haven’t done a thing. 🙁
    Maybe we can walk together on the Cruise…..to the buffet line.(just kidding)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Big Girls book too!

  • Want a workout partner like once a week? Wanna come on over here and have two little ones stare at you while you exercise? Sounds like a blast, right??

    You are totally blogging-brave to post your numbers… I don’t even know my numbers because I have no measuring tape!! I’ve been meaning to get some so I could get an idea of where I’m starting as I’m trying to get myself back into some sort of shape as well.

    So, I’m serious about that partner idea… I’d be good comic relief for you because I’m a total doofus when trying to do anything physical!

  • You can be my essssersizzzzzzzze buddy!! We can do this together! And then I’ll go to your house and we’ll try on skinny clothes!

  • You can do it! I quit smoking and 8 pounds magically appeared on top of the 10 I wanted to lose already. We’ve got a betting pool at the gym with a June 6 deadline. I think I need to get that DVD–like yesterday.

  • You know, I bought 2 exercise dvds at the beginning of the year. Used them exactly once, and that was it. My company has implented a walking challenge that starts at the end of May. I joined, but it doesn’t hurt to start early, right? Very, very brave of you to post your numbers. Can’t say that I would do the same thing. You totally can meet your goals. I know you can. I’ll be cheering you on. 🙂

  • You can do it!!!! Just shout us to Charlotte for encouragement. We are all going through it together!!!!!

  • It will definitely get easier as you go. My husband and I have been walking to get his cholesterol down. It was hard at first but we’ve been doing it everyday for a month. Keep going, you’ll have so much to celebrate when you’ve reached your goal.

  • Maryanne

    Way to go!!!! You can do it, just go slowly. It’s easier on the body and it stays off that way.

  • Yay for Jillian. We recently got one of the Biggest Loser DVDs and it is AWESOME. Bob kicks my ass. That first workout I ached for DAYs after. You can do it.

    Oh, and the BSJ is cute as. Lovely colours. :0)

  • Ok, I’ll preface this by saying I’m weird–would it be possible to walk on a treadmill and knit? I’ve often thought I could knit and walk at the same time–it’s just the looking where I’m going that gets in the way!

    You can totally do this.

  • Jo

    You’re brave, Pam. Keep it up!

  • You are very very brave and a better woman than me to post your numbers. Oh and for what Bezzie posted,, one of my knitting pals has a recumbant bike that she uses,, and knits as she does!

    Hubby has been talking about getting one for me,,knit and exercise? It might work, lol.

  • Go you!!! I need to get that DVD! Luckily my daughter has been bugging me to work out (her tiny flabby belly heh!). Thanks for posting that picture of the BSJ, gives me a better idea of how it is knit seeing it all flat like that!

  • May

    What did you really think of Jillian? I see quite a few ads touting her stuff and my first instinct is that I don’t really like her. Completely gut reaction since I’ve never seen her presentation, never heard her speak, etc. Of course, it could well be that I hate her because of her freakin’ enviable cut-em-dead abs but I could never be that shallow could I? (Hmph)

    Petty stuff aside, GO YOU!!

  • Maggie

    Be sure to have something to eat before you work out! I forgot a couple of times and felt incredibly sick pretty early in. A piece of fruit is usually good – doesn’t weigh you down, but increases your blood sugar enough to get through at least an hour. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Good luck!

  • Ava

    YOU GO GIRL!!! I admire the courage you’ve summoned to take on this new regime and to blog it too. We’re all behind you!

  • Maybe I’ll do the workout with you when I’m in town. Just because I’m running doesn’t mean the rest of me couldn’t use some tough love. You are definitely a braver woman than I am to post your stats–you could start a FAL (fitness-a-long) and you know we would all join you.

    Yeah for BSJ–I’m not up to the increases yet but I’ve decided I can only handle one section of directions at a time so I’ll worry about those later.

  • Welcome to the weight-loss club. Cristi inspired me to start my journey. Just be miindful of your body and know that no matter what size, you are beautiful. 🙂

  • Go you! You really are gorgeous, you know. And brave. Thank you.

    I’ve been thinking about posting my weight loss goals on the blog for a long time but I’ve been too chicken to do it. I measured my waist at the thickest point yesterday and it’s almost the same as my hips… not healthy. (Heart disease, anyone?) Not to mention unattractive… I’m kind of square below the bust! Rather shocking (and dismaying) to realize it’s 10 inches over what it was 20 years ago. Mind you I don’t think it’s realistic to want my 18-year-old body back, but I’d be happy at some midpoint between there and here! I think you’ve inspired to put it out there for the world to see! Like betzig said, we can have a FAL!

    P.S. Have you considered installing a TV & DVD player in front of the treadmill for days when you just want to get some movement in without necessarily killing yourself in pain with that workout? If you don’t have a workout partner, getting to watch a favourite series (or procuring a suspenseful new one where you can’t wait to find out what happens next) only if you’re exercising can be a powerful motivator. Just sayin’.

  • Go Pam, Go!
    It helps me to remember I just have to keep my waist somewhere under 34″ to reduce all those icky risk factors. Goal: to feel great.
    You are a beautiful woman.

  • way to go Pam!!

    I need some of that too… living on a rollercoaster right now, and I need to do some stuff for me too… gotta get my head together first… but you can do it!!!