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I Am A Child of the 80’s

That’s right. I am a child of the 80’s, and I am proud of it. I love 80’s music – I have an all-80’s playlist on my iTunes that is 685 songs. That’s almost 2 days long, with no repeated songs. So when I saw Mosey in the Spring issue of Knitty, I knew it was in my future.


I used the Paton’s Classic Wool called for in the pattern, in Denim Tweed. I felt that would go well with jeans and my denim skirt, which I figured would be mostly what I wear them with.

I started these just before my knitting meetup on April 3, and finished them the night of April 9. Only a week! And you can’t see it in the picture (If you think self-pictures of socks is tough, try legwarmers….), but I skipped the pompoms on the ends of the ties. Also, I cheated a little. I didn’t knit the icord ties by hand – I used my EbmellishKnit, because I’m lazy and hate making miles and miles of icord. 😀

I’m quite happy with how they came out, and I love them. Now if the weather would warm up so I can freaking wear a skirt without freezing my knees off!

12 comments to I Am A Child of the 80’s

  • Bah. I can see *most* pictures now through FF at work. But not this one. I shall look when I get back home. I’m sure they’re fabulous. =) And I’m guessing green.

  • And now everyone after me can point and laugh at the silly turtle that though DENIM could possibly be GREEN.

    You may proceed.

  • *pointing at tg and laughing*

    Well, she said I could…

    Very cute! And it’s not being lazy – it’s being resourceful. 😀

  • Those are, like, so totally rad and awesome! I, like, am wicked jealous! 🙂

  • May

    For whatever reason, they make me think of the Go-Go’s. Now I have ‘We got the beat’ playing in my head 🙂

  • Just a still town girl on a saturday night, lookin’ for the fight of her life
    In the real-time world no one sees her at all, they all say she’s crazy

    She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
    And she’s knitting like she’s never knitted before
    She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
    And she’s knitting like she’s never knitted before

  • Oye. I was a child of the 80s too, but even then I couldn’t hop on the legwarmer bandwagon. I do like them w/out the pompoms though that would have been at tad too much 80s!

    Let’s cut TG some slack. I mean hello, the issue right before these legwarmers came out featured Mr. GREENjeans! 😉

  • Mmm… cozy! I was a little kid in the ’80s, so I thought leg-warmers were way cool and for the big kids 😉

  • Hehe! Another 80’s kid here! Those turned out really good, I like the no pompoms too! Too funny, my son just asked me tonite to get his 80’s clothes ready for school tomorrow…sigh..they dress our 80’s like we did to the 50’s!

  • Another child of the 80s and I love them. Without the pompoms :0)

  • I gave those a second look too, seems like a good thing since I refuse to wear boots when it gets too cold.

  • rebel

    This is so wrong it’s right! I soooo want legwarmers!!