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Giggle du Jour

So, I’m sitting here catching up on my blog reading before I head to bed, and a preview for Mamma Mia is on the tv.  For the record, I LOVE ABBA, and I saw the show in Richmond when we lived there and took my Mom to see it in Vegas when we were there in ’06.  I am very much looking forward to the movie.

Anyway, Kris is NOT an ABBA fan.  I frequently threaten to torture him in the car by playing ABBA on my iPod.  He did go see Mamma Mia with me in Richmond, and even admits that he really did enjoy it.  He was in the kitchen, heading toward the steps to go up to bed, and I can hear him singing along with the commercial.  I started laughing and said “I heard that!”  He said, “What?”  He didn’t even realize he was singing along.  😀

10 comments to Giggle du Jour

  • haha that song came on my ipod shuffle playlist when i was running tonight. yay! it’s such a fun song 🙂

  • The movie preview looks so good!! My sis and I saw the premiere in London and then spent a week in Ireland right after. With all the driving all over Ireland we finally caved and bought an ABBA CD for the car (back in ’99). Best $30 ABBA CD ever!!

  • It’s like a virus. Herpes of the mind. You can’t fault him for succumbing.

  • amanda

    Heh. It’s so funny when you catch them doing that….

  • May

    YEEEESSS I’ve been brooooken hearted,
    Bluuuuuue since the day we parted.

    * does the pointy-finger boogie *

  • LoL!!! A true testament to the greatness that is ABBA. You just can’t not sing along!

    Waterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted to…

  • Hubs has caught me doing the same thing with annoying commercial jingles. There’s a Mac commercial out now that has the most irritating song. I complain about it every time it comes on, but somehow it has lodged into my subconscious, only to surface when I don’t realize it, providing Shane with much entertainment.

  • Ha! Now that’s funny. ABBA is contagious.

  • I knew I liked you for a reason.

    “…so when you’re near me, darlin’ can’t you hear me… SOS…”

  • ABBA YES!!!


    Pam, why did we never sing abba together as children?

    How funny, John and I have the same sort of love / hate thing going on for the blessed bunch. Maybe I’ll go and tourture him just a little by blasting my own. We all need a little abba tourture from time to time.