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I Hate Plumbing.

Remember this little adventure?

Yeah… the plumbing issues are back. I was sitting here on the couch, having happily just bound off my Something Pink (Yay!). So, I tossed it in the washer (yay Cotton Ease) and set it on the handwash cycle, and then went back to my spot on the couch.

And then, I heard it.

That unmistakable sound of water falling onto linoleum.


So, I run into the laundry room, where I see the pipe where the washer drains overflowing onto my floor. I stopped the washer, grabbed the old towels we keep in the laundry room (mostly for drying off dogs who get rained on), and start mopping it up. I decided that I might as well let the wash cycle finish, so I left the towels there, and started the washer again.

I’m not all that bright sometimes, I know.

A few minutes later, I hear a weird gurgling noise, and go into the kitchen (next to the laundry room) to see that the sink is bubbling up with water from the drain. Including some small bits that had gone down the disposal. Ick.

So, I did what any 1950’s housewife would do. I called my husband. (OK, technically, I text-messaged him). I’m not proud. He’s handy, and I’m not. At least, not as handy. Plus, I hadn’t showered yet, and I was not going to call a plumber while I was still here in my pj’s.

Cross your fingers for me that this is an easy fix, ok?

I hate plumbing…

Update:  Kris is home, and of course when he checked things, all seemed just fine.  He ran the water in the sink for a few minutes, and it eventually backed up.  So, we’re guessing the drain has a slow spot somewhere between the kitchen sink and the exit from the house.  At the moment, we’ve got some Drano soaking in there, which will hopefully open it up again.

14 comments to I Hate Plumbing.

  • Rebel

    It’s situations like that… more than anything else… that make me wish I were married. I can do a great many things, but plumbing/car stuff, I would soooo rather have someone else take care of.

    Hope it’s nothing serious.

  • Here’s hoping it’s not that bad. 🙁

  • Yuck! I hope it works out. Plumbing problems are horrible!

  • bezzie

    Oof yeah. I feel your pain. On the plus side you weren’t naked and it wasn’t the toilet right?

  • Yuk!! Hoping the drano sorts it out and it leaves you alone! Hehe..yes, being dressed was a plus for you, not like Bezzie..

  • Well you did have it a little better than Bezzie. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • I have a 50s ranch style house and lots of plungers and Drano and….I really hate plumbing.

  • I have had that happen and it sucks! Nine times out of ten I can hit the garbage disposal button and it goes away. Good luck!

    BTW, what’s with all of us and plumbing problems?!?

  • I have a plumbing problem lurking in my house that I’m afraid to confront.

  • Check for wookies. I had one come out of my bathroom sink drain and now that it’s been extricated, things are much better.

  • Oh no! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. You can always move to Florida. hee hee

    On to the important things, did the Something Pink get washed and is it blocking somewhere so we can see your FO? pretty please?

  • Having a plumber in the family has personally saved me thousands of dollars. My poor BIL knows when I call to talk to him and not my sister, that it means there’s trouble in the pipes. I hope the Drano works. If not, you might be able to get someone to snake it out for not too much money.

  • Boiling water (from a pot of pasta!) is a good “cleaner” for the drain.. that combined with a small (refrigerator size) box of baking soda.)

    the best is to keep the drain clear…

    (the worst is if you have a crack/break in exterior sewer pipe (and tree roots have gotten in.. )

  • Gah, plumbing. At least your husband is handy, neither my husband nor myself are handy in the slightest!