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New Hat Design!

So, remember that hat I posted about on Wednesday? That I was hoping to finish in time to take to Vegas at the end of the month? Yeah. I finished it on Friday. (Thanks to Kris for modeling)


I’m calling it the “I Hardly Know Her” Hat. It’s in honor of our good friend Ed (for those of you who have heard me mention EdFest, yes, that’s him), who is physically incapable of restraining himself from responding “Poke her? I hardly know her!” whenever anyone mentions poker. We love Ed.

Its shape is inspired by both the We Call Them Pirates hat and the Red Light Special hat. The design is based on the four suits in a standard deck of playing cards.


The hat is made of Knit Picks Telemark in “Squirrel Heather”, “Garnet Heather”, and “Charcoal Heather”, with a lining in KP Risata in “Ash”.


I’m working on writing up the pattern, and I should have it up in the next couple of days, depending on when Kris can get some better pics than these quick and dirty ones. 🙂

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