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WIP Wednesday

So, this week’s WIP is a little, erm, less than “in progress” as of yet.


You see there Knit Picks Telemark in “Garnet Heather”, “Charcoal Heather”, and “Squirrel Heather”, topped by Knit Picks Risata in “Ash”. The reason it isn’t in progress just yet? I haven’t designed the project.

See, a while back my dad asked me for a hat shaped like my brother’s (the “We Call Them Pirates” one), but in a different pattern. Since he wants to wear it when they play poker (And no, I don’t know why…), I decided to make it a poker themed design. So, I’ll be playing with some charting, and hope to get something together so I can cast on tonight or tomorrow. And yes, if it comes out well, I’ll be putting the pattern up.

Of course, since I’ll be seeing them at the end of this month, I have something of a deadline to work under.

Oh? That other WIP? Yeah, I can’t post about that one today. See, it doesn’t fit the rules of WIP Wednesday because it’s NO LONGER IN PROGRESS! That’s right, it’s DONE! I decided to go with the buttons after all, and am going to begin the search for them at JoAnn this afternoon. Thank you all for suggesting Etsy for buttons – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I’ll be checking there if I don’t find anything at JoAnn. And if that doesn’t do it, I may have to acquiesce to being kidnapped to G Street.

So, tune in tomorrow for the finished project shots of the cardigan!

7 comments to WIP Wednesday

  • Maryanne

    You really should be kidnapped and taken to G Street, especially since I can get 20% off until the end of April because I’m in a class.

  • good luck with the button search.
    jenniethepotter makes buttons (as well as the damned cute knitting/spinning themed pottery that was featured in knitty a few issues ago). (I’m not sure if she does custom or not. she might). she’s got a few up on etsy now.

  • Rebel

    oooh… I can’t wait to see what design you come up with for that hat. You’re a good daughter!

    and I’m super excited about your almost FO – good luck finding just the right buttons.

  • oooh I can’t wait to see it!

  • It’ll be awesome! Not only that, it’ll be useful. The other players will be so mesmerized by the hat, they won’t pay any attention to the game.

  • Can’t wait to see that! You know, know that I think I can knit Fair Isle! 😉

  • Heehee… Squirrel Heather!