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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

It’s a cardigan!!! (And yes, you are probably going to get daily reports on the progress until this thing is done. Think of it as many, many WIP Wednesdays.)
As of last night’s knitting meetup at Barnes & Noble, the sweater has now been steeked and cut for the front opening and neck shaping! Now to pick up and work the button bands!


Also, I haven’t entirely decided if I want buttons or not. I keep waffling. Partly because I don’t have buttons for it, and I’m not feeling entirely optimistic about my chances of finding good ones. About my only option around here is the very small JoAnn Fabrics.


12 comments to It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

  • I love it too.

    I read on someone’s blog that etsy was a great place for buttons. I’d also think ebay would have some cool vintage ones.

    We have a lack of good fabric stores here in NJ too. Kinda sux when it comes to the button hunt.

  • Try Etsy for buttons!

  • bezzie

    It’s gawgous!

    I think buttons would be really nice. But I’d respect a zipper decision too 😉

    Etsy is really fun to hunt for buttons on. They’ve got tons o’cool vintage ones. The only problem is you’re buying them online and you don’t know 100% what your’e going to get.

    Check your local yellow pages or hell, I’ll admit it, I found a small fabric store I didn’t know existed on a Jersey Button Buying inquiry on the Place That Shall Not Be Named. It’s a hole in the wall but they have fabric galore and tons of racks of buttons. Waaaaay better than having to drive to some stupid Joanns 2 counties away or picking thru the one rack of buttons at my local AC Moore.

  • Amanda

    I still say one (really COOL) button at the top – the sweater’s sayin’ enough without complicating it with a slew of buttons, in my very humble O.

    Looks awesome. I lurve it. 🙂

  • Etsy’s a good suggestion for buttons. If you want to see stuff in person, though, maybe we need to take a field trip to G Street Fabrics!

  • Gee, glad I know where to get buttons now! I have a few fabric stores, but nothing interesting here. A zipper sounds interesting too..but, I think buttons are better. Good luck, it’s beautiful!

  • I love that you so casually say its been steeked! That alone scares me! It looks fabulous!! Gorgeous!

    Good to know…etsy for buttons 🙂

  • Maryanne

    You definitely need to be kidnapped again, and taken to G Street! Buttons galore :). I doubt you will leave without buttons for the Technicolor Dream Coat!

  • I say with something that great- Bring on the daily updates!

  • That’s beautiful. No wonder you want to pick just the right thing button-wise. Good luck with the search. This place http://www.buttondrawer.com/home.asp is having a sale at the moment…