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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Well, *I* think I’m funny…

Stole this one from Jo.


Your Score: the Provacateur

(52% dark, 38% spontaneous, 42% vulgar)

your humor style:
You’ll crack on anything, and you’re often witty, even caustic, about it.Therefore, your sense of humor is polarizing. You’re transgressive, and you’ve got a seriously sharp ‘edge’–maybe too much for some folks. If they get you, people think you’re one of the funniest (and smartest) people in the world. If they don’t, they think you’re an ass. Whatever, right? While some might question your judgement, your comic intellect is unquestionably respected.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Chris Rock – Lenny Bruce – George Carlin

The 3-Variable Funny Test! – it rules –

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Link: The 3 Variable Funny Test written by jason_bateman on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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6 comments to Well, *I* think I’m funny…

  • This was too good- I am clean, spontaneous, and dark. Don’t I often remind you of David Letterman or John Belushi? I’ve been told that quite often. Now, gotta get back to composing some top 10 lists and samuraiing some watermelons…

  • Jo

    I’m confused by my results – honestly, I tend to be very sarcastic – it’s just how my family was brought up. I also scored 42% dark and still got the ‘good clean fun’ rating. Well, maybe the fact that we are polar opposites serves us well 😉

  • May

    Clean, Complex and Dark for me. I sound like coffee…

  • Ooh fun test – I got the same results as May. Seems pretty accurate to me!

  • I’m (66% dark, 38% spontaneous, 10% vulgar). I think most people think that means “humorless prig.” It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. It’s that I’m not such a sucker for obvious humor. Hey, I come by the name “bookgrump” honestly!

    FWIW, I think you’re amusing, so you must not be too vulgar!

  • I’m clean spontaneous and light. Which is weird, all things considered.