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And For THIS Week’s Adventure…

You may or may not know this, but Kris and I are kind of Ikea-holics. Seriously – it’s bordering on ridiculous just how much of our furniture has come from the House of Swedish Design. Anyway, a while back, we bought a bed from them, including one of their foam mattresses. We liked it a lot, but the mattress isn’t all that thick, and eventually, it smooshed a little.

Kris and his mom had been doing a little research into foam and latex mattresses, and we decided that we wanted to change ours to one of the latex ones. We checked it out at Ikea, thought about it for a couple of days, and decided to get it.

We made a run up last night (Sorry, Carrie – Kris was wiped when he got home, but hit a second wind a little later. Just late enough that we couldn’t make it to the show. *sigh*), and picked up a mattress for our bed. We went through the checkout, paid for it, and then went over to the pickup area. They brought out the mattress, we wrestled it out to my van, and got it home.

Once we got it home, we dragged it upstairs, stripped the bed, and then flopped the new mattress on the bed. Where we discovered that instead of the queen sized mattress we requested and paid for… they gave us a full. If you’ve ever met Kris and I, you know that this is just not going to work. We’re not petite people. I mean, I’m 5’9″, and he’s 6′. We just don’t FIT on a full-sized bed!

So, today, we dragged the mattress back down the steps, shoved it back in the van, and drove back up to Ikea. (Incidentally, if you are wondering if I am over-stating the annoying-ness of the mattress moving, remember that this is a latex mattress. There is no structure to it. So, when you pull on one corner, the rest of it doesn’t necessarily follow.) We went to Returns and Exchanges, where a lovely young woman waited on us, and got us a new mattress in fairly quick order, especially when you consider that it’s a Saturday afternoon. This one was not only bagged, but also boxed. We checked the box, confirmed that the item number matched the receipt, and that the label did indeed say “Queen”. We took it down to the van (We always park in the lower lot behind our Ikea – it’s never as busy, so we get a closer space.), tried to get it in while still in the box, realized it wasn’t going to work, so we ripped the box open.

That’s when we saw the mold. Black mold. All over one corner of the mattress. So very, very many levels of “ew”.

Back on the cart, back to the elevator, back upstairs to Returns and Exchanges. We took a number, and I sat on one of the benches. The same girl who helped us before finished up with a customer, and then noticed me. She gave me a questioning look, and I just said, “Oh, wait until you see what we found.” She came over and took a look at the mattress and was absolutely horrified. She went straight over to the warehouse and had someone pull another mattress, which was also in a box. We opened it right there, and all of us checked it all over. Clean! Yay!

So, back down to the van we went. Got it hope, took it upstairs, and it’s perfect. So very, very comfy. I am really looking forward to sleeping on it tonight. Poor Kris has to work tonight (ugh), so he won’t get to try it until either some obnoxious hour of the morning, or tomorrow when he gets home.

Hope everyone else is having a less interesting Saturday! 😀

15 comments to And For THIS Week’s Adventure…

  • Eeuuuuuuwwww, mold! I give you props for getting another one, I’d have been out after that!

  • Geesh! So glad you checked that box before you got home…yikes!! Hope you had a good nite sleeping on it! 🙂

  • You are a much more patient woman than I! I would have lost it!

  • EEEEEE Grose! Aren’t you glad you had to rip the box open! Ugh. I’ve had my share of Ikea returns, but then again, I have a LOT of Ikea stuff around as well.

  • ewwww! wow that whole thing would be SO annoying! you handled it really well!

  • Thank god they shafted you the first time and you had the sense to open the box before you left!!

    Yeah I don’t really dig IKEA. Something about meatballs being sold in a store freaks me out.

  • Jo

    Ew, yuck! How did it get moldy?

  • Ew. That’s just – ew. It was certainly a good thing you opened the box before you left! gah!

  • The moldy mattress boggles the mind. However, I am still an IKEA fan. The only reason I still have money to buy yarn is because we don’t have a store in Charlotte yet. We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the one they are setting up here. I am }thisclose{ to going and taking photos of the cleared land.

  • CBear

    oh…. how I miss Ikea…


    Glad you got everything worked out, though.

  • Shudder! I’m glad you got a new mattress in the end but boy that was a lot of work. I need to replace the one I got from there since I’ve managed to make an Emma sized dent it in (on both sides).

  • You people just can’t have anything run of the milll happen to you, now can you? It’s always this adventure stuff–leaks flooding the house, moldy mattresses. Geez, but I love my boring life! 🙂

  • The things we do for our obsessions…if it had been another store you probably would have written them off after the first mistake. But IKEA…well, let’s just say J actually motivated to drive to Orlando for IKEA’s inaugural weekend. We only bought a shoe storage thing but just you wait, soon IKEA will leave its mark all over our house. Oh, and I’m glad the mattress worked out after all that.

  • Dawn

    Yikes, it’s a good thing it didn’t fit in your van!

    I was just at the College Park Ikea last night and the guy was SOO annoyed that I insisted on checking all the labels, since there were a dozen boxes for the organizer unit we got.

  • It totally would have been far worse if you had gotten it home the second time, only to discover the mold. Yuck! Glad it all worked out!