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Well, THAT was fun.

So, some of you may know that Kris has to be at work at 6am. This generally means that I wake up enough to say goodbye to him around a quarter to 6 (yay short commute!), and then go back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 7. This morning, however, things were a little different.

He kissed me goodbye, and went downstairs to leave. A few minutes later, he came back up and said, “I’m sorry to wake you, but our downstairs is slightly flooded.” Keep in mind that we JUST brought a 75-gallon fish tank into the house this weekend. These are NOT words I wanted to hear.

I came downstairs (in, not surprisingly, a bit of a hurry) to see two big puddles spreading across my kitchen floor and the floor of our powder room looking like a small pond. Ugh. (But, on the upside, the fish tank was fine) When he came down in the morning to grab coffee, the floor was dry. After his shower, puddle. This was not a good sign.

So, we grabbed the shop-vac and sucked up all the water from the floors, and started troubleshooting. We were, of course, worried that a pipe had burst in the wall somewhere, but we couldn’t find anywhere it could have happened. So, my thought was that the wax ring on the toilet had let loose, which seemed to be supported by the fact that the toilet was, in fact, just about empty. Kris had me run the shower for a few minutes while he watched downstairs – nothing. He flushed the toilet downstairs. It filled up, and wouldn’t drain. We were baffled.

So, we moved on to stage two of the experiment – I actually took a shower. I washed my hair and face, and was thoroughly soaped up when I hear feet thundering up the steps and Kris yells “Cut the water!” Of course.

So, what we finally figured out was that the drain from the house wasn’t, well, draining. It was backing up into the toilet, which then overflowed its rim onto the bathroom floor, and then around the wall into the kitchen (and then very slowly drained to leave the toilet mostly empty). Since I was still soapy and standing in the shower, I made him shop-vac the water out of the toilet so that I could at least rinse off, and then we called the City of Bowie Dept. of Public Works. They had a guy here in, I kid you not, FIVE minutes (and yes, I was dressed by then). He looked at the sewers, but there wasn’t a blockage in their area. So, Kris called a plumber (after calling work to tell them that he wouldn’t be in today). By this time, it is now about 8:40, and they said he would be here between 10 and noon. All told, not too terrible.

While we were waiting (and as I started typing this post), Kris decided it would be a good time to drain the old 20-gallon fish tank. He hooked up his Python (get your minds out of the gutter) to the hose outside, and walked around the corner of the house to turn on the water (that’s how they work). Of course, he left the END of the hose RIGHT BY THE OPEN DOOR, so when the water turned on… well, let’s just say I had to drag out the carpet scrubber to dry out my carpeting. *sigh*

As I was finishing with the scrubber, the doorbell rang. It was the plumber. He was here a full half-hour BEFORE their early estimate. He is my new best friend. He is snaking out the main drain pipe from the house, and hopefully that will solve the issues. Kris has the old fish tank all emptied, and I have an amusing tale for all of you.

Things could have ended much, much worse. πŸ™‚

ETA: Well, they’re a little worse than we originally thought.Β  It looks like the roots from one of the trees in our front yard invaded the drain a bit, which was what caused the slowing of the drain.Β  So, at some point we are going to need to get that section replaced.Β  But for now, we’re flowing again.Β  πŸ™‚

13 comments to Well, THAT was fun.

  • roflmao…it made me laugh until i snorted in an unladylike fashion.

  • Well I’m glad it’s fixed or hopefully is by now. What a thing to wajke up to!

  • LoL wow. Glad it’s getting taken care of so quickly though! That’s impressive!

  • Ok, you got our minds out of the gutter after the word “Python”, but not after “Let’s just say I had to drag out the carpet scrubber to dry out my carpeting”. Or maybe I just have a dirtier mind than most.

    I hate days that start out shitty like that. Logic would dictate that the day can only improve at that point, but no, it usually goes from bad to worse.

  • My mind is still in the gutter!!!


    Aw, so sorry sweety. Damn tree roots.

    Props to the plumber dude though – he’s a true pimp. Yay Bowie!

  • What a crappy way to start your day!

    LMAO about Kris pulling out his Python!

  • Just so you know, in my imagination as I’m reading this story, the plumber is not only early, he’s hot.

  • Yikes! That wasn’t a good start to the day, however, so glad you got to finish your shower! Great response from your city and plumber too! Hehe..Kris and his Python!

  • wow! what a crazy way to start the day, at least it ended well.

  • Ick, I hate those plumbing emergencies! You handled yourselves very gracefully. I raised much more of a fuss over a much less serious issue (insinkerator dying on a holiday weekend and the drain backing up into the dishwasher when I was making chicken soup).

  • Would you believe that basically the same thing happened to John and I the second night we had moved into our new house. Actually it was the third night, first long shower. Apparently the construction crews threw their papertowels, the heavy duty kind, down the toilet and flushed. My dear friend, I saw corn. And neither John nor I had eatten corn in days, months even. One should NOT see corn like that after spending as much money as we did on a new house. no, no, no.

    I feel your pain oh so close to home! Does make for a good story though. πŸ™‚

  • Wow – what an adventure….I am glad that everything is going to be ok!

  • Yorkie

    Ahh, those Bowie homes. They reach a point, then they all start having troubles.

    Was the tree in question a weeping willow, by any chance? Leavitt (the man responsible for all Bowie homes built during that time) was a wanker when it came to planting trees. My parents have had to take out nearly all the trees planted round the house over the years. Leavitt was fond of weeping willows which seem to adore invading pipe systems with their roots, even coming up through the john sometimes. BLEAH.

    Hope it’s sorted for good now!