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Try not to faint.

But yes, I’m actually posting two days in a row!

Since I finished up CW2*, I started on the Twilight Capelet last night while watching Dancing With The Stars (Yes, I’m watching again. I’m just not doing the recaps. Although I am totally loving Sabrina Bryan. It’s her season if she wants it.). By the time I went to bed, I had finished 8 of the 18 rows. I <3 crochet…

This is where it was as of this morning, with one more row completed:

TwilightCapeletWIP10-17-2And a nice closeup of the stitch pattern:

TwilightCapeletWIP10-17-1The Tilli Tomas is really lovely to work with. And I love the sparkle from the sequins. I’m planning to wear it as part of my Halloween costume, and then I’m going to have to convince Kris to take me out somewhere that I can wear it again, because this needs to be worn, not stuck in my closet!

*Modeled photoshoot to follow after Kris gets home, I hope. You might get posts THREE days in a row. Plus Friday’s YPF post! 😀

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