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Yarn Pr0n and Not-Yarn Pr0n

So the folks arrived safely last night, and we met Amanda (her J was golfing), JMac and Mary Beth at DuClaw for the Twisted Kilt release. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the evening, all three of them were thinking, “Oh! THAT’s where she gets it from.” 😀

After dinner, Kris and Dad wanted to poke around Best Buy (because they’re boys), so Mom and I were wandering through the dvd section when she FINALLY commented on the nosering. She was actually surprisingly calm about it. I have to wonder if maybe she has accepted that I’m a loon, and there isn’t really much she can do about it any more. So, crisis averted!

Anyway, we’re looking at the new releases, and I spy something I hadn’t known was coming out – Season Three of Fraggle Rock! Yay! I of course grabbed it, and we went to find the boys. They continued drooling over laptops while Mom and I went to check out (she was getting cases for their phones). As we were standing in line, Mom comments to me that the police officer we had seen outside as we came in was now in line buying something. I look over, and I realize exactly what he was buying. A Nintendo Wii. As in, the incredibly hard-to-find system that Kris and I have been wanting to pick up since January. I sent Kris a quick text message, and he went to look. He didn’t see any on the shelves, so I suggested he ask someone. The first guy he found (using the “Look for a blue shirt and tackle” method) was actually from a different section of the store, but he found the game guy, who confirmed that yes, they did have them. And now we have one, along with a copy of “Carnival Games”, because we’re dorks like that. We laughed a lot last night as Kris was getting the hang of the controller and learning to play Wii Sports (which comes with the system) and the Carnival Games (Virtual Skee-Ball! What’s not to love?). He says he’s sore this morning. 😀

Anyway, on to the pr0n. Amanda and I were chatting on Google a while ago when she asked me if I liked the Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway of STR. She had ordered it for herself, but it wasn’t as pink as she’d hoped, so she asked if I wanted it. Never one to say no to free STR (Momma didn’t raise no fools!), and being, in fact, rather fond of the color, I said sure! She brought it to dinner last night.

STRLittleBunnyFooFoo1 STRLittleBunnyFooFoo2
Pretty, innit?And like every other knitter this past week, I’ve been drooling over the new Knit Picks Harmony Needles. I was lucky enough to see them in person in Philly, because Amyknitty was testing a set. So, I’ve been stalking the website to see when they were released, and I pounced immediately (because I remember what happened when the nickel Options came out and they were out of stock for a while).

I got the interchangeable set and the DPN set, and then I caved and ordered the small circulars and the cable needles (yeah, I cable without a needle. They’re just so PRETTY!).

Here are the interchangeable tips (minus the 10.5’s which are in use already)

And the cable needles.

The one concern I’ve seen voiced from a few people is that the colors on the website looked pretty obnoxiously bright. Now, I’m not one to complain about bright colors (Hello, big red streak in my hair), so it didn’t worry me, but I also don’t think those pictures were quite accurate. The colors are definitely more mellow on my needles than in the pictures on their site. I think they are beautiful. The tips are lovely and pointy like the nickel ones, and the finish is really smooth – much smoother than any other wooden or bamboo needles I’ve tried, although still grippier than the nickel. LOVE.

Speaking of love, have you seen the new Fall Knitty?  There are some really lovely patterns in it. Lots of lace and texture details that are right up my alley. Yay!

20 comments to Yarn Pr0n and Not-Yarn Pr0n

  • OH MY GOD!!!!! *jealousy* Knit Picks Harmony set AND Wii Carnival Games? You have them BOTH before me??? LoL life’s not fair!
    And hey, if you want to test drive any other Wii games before shelling out the cash for them, I’m sure I can persuade Alex to lend you ones that he has 🙂

  • Amanda

    A Wii??? Goodness! And I was going to ask you about what went down with the nosering – I’m glad she was calm about it. PHEW!

  • You are my hero. Not in a stalking scary way, but in a flattering, I want to be you when I grow up way.

    I love the new needles, and that is BEAUTIFUL yarn.


  • OMG! Don’t you just love that Wii!??! We’ve had one for a while and honestly – it’s just so much damn fun. Our Target store has had 5 on the shelf for about 3 weeks now – but I live in nowwhere!

    I might suggest that you rent a copy of Raving Rabbids. My *alltime* favorite game for the Wii. It’s rediculously silly! And so much damn fun – especially while drinking!

    And google? Why am I not knowing that you are on there?! I have mine open ALLTHETIME, woman!

    I am going to wander off and go sing Bunny FooFoo to the baby and see if she likes it. Thanks for that! I wonder if I can teach her the “boppin’ her on the head” part…

  • Phew, glad the nose ring discussion went ok. Luckily I ordered the size 7 tips before they were backordered. I only got a few tips, but will probably be more ordered! Nice Bunny foo foo 😉

  • I should be getting my needles soon too! Pretty yarn. I love STR! Can’t wait for Stitches. You should go look at my blog today…I took a silly book quiz and the results may tickle your funny bone.

  • My needles are stuck atthe friggin PO until the weekend. Wah!

  • Knitpicks just wants to tell me that they were shipped to me via USPS on Thursday. Said that since Tuesday. I have no idea what the deal is.

    And my hank of Lil Bunny Foo Foo is most definitely not that pink. Not at all. Musta been the batch.

  • I want those needles. I can’t wait for my paycheck to come in!

  • Another amazingly funny game for the Wii is Boogie… I know it got really bad reviews, but I don’t think my entire family has laughed so hard setting doing 80’s-90’s and modern pop karaoke and then having to try to keep the beat to make your character dance. It seems really silly but it is hilarious for all.

    Thanks for the info on the needles.

  • Jo

    Both the sock yarn and needles are oh so pretty. I’m trying really hard to not buy anything significant before Stitches… Knitpicks is timing this all wrong for me!

  • Mostly Harmless

    Oohhh! Those cable needles will make gorgeous sweater and shawl pins! I will add them to my covet list.

  • A wii is my next big purchase! I love those things. Funny story: We were at a video game store trying it out and talking to the guy about them. I was asking what it came with and how much an extra controller would be. He said that another wiimote would be $45 or something and he kept talking about the wiimote. I finally realized why he was calling it a wiimote and I said “oh, wiimote, I get it! I thought you had a speech impediment or something!” I thought he was trying to say remote. lol. We all got a good laugh out of that one! ANYWAYS, love the bunny foo foo yarn. How could you not with a name like that?!

  • I just got started on the Back to Basics Socks today. I ought to have made quie a bit of progress before Thursday meet.

  • That yarn is so pretty. I’m not really a pink person, but the STR is so subdued, its perfect!

    Oh, if you’re a fan of the Zelda games, I highly recommend Twilight Princess for Wii. The interactive-ness of the Wii takes the gameplay to a completely different level.

  • Oh wow, I was resisting the new options until I saw your post. Hopeully they are sold out by now because I am broke!

  • I ordered my Harmony set a week ago Saturday and they still haven’t come yet. I did linger over the DPN set and the cable needles, but Rhinebeck is coming and I really need to save for that.

    My local Costco had 50 Wiis last Friday and my SIL was lucky enough to grab one, so they nephews have one awesome present from Santa taken care of.

    I love Cheri Amore in the new Knitty. Pam, you’ve see me. Do you think it would work on me?

  • Those are absolutely gorgeous needles. I’m so generous. How do they work? Are you loving them or not?

  • very purty yarn!

    doncha just ADORE those needles??? i love em to death! just gotta order the cable and sock circs now! 😀

  • I ordered some of the Harmony in circ sizes I didn’t have. I love them! they’re beautiful and they are so smooth and light. I’ll definitely get getting more.