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The Problem With Charlotte’s Web?

It’s freaking ADDICTIVE! I so enjoyed making the first one that now I want to do another. And I think I’ve decided to. I’ve decided to use up some of my stash of Socks that Rock Lightweight to make a nice big version of the Charlotte’s Web – still five colors, but more repeats in each color. Of course, now I have to decided WHICH colors. I’ve narrowed it to 4 combinations (with some help from Amanda via GChat this morning. The stress of her yarn diet is getting to her, though – she kept insisting that I needed to order some Lemongrass STR for the shawl…)

So, now, my dear readers, I ask your opinions. The colors as pictured would go from neck to edge on the shawl as they are laid left to right. (Does that make sense?) Thoughts?

Option 1:

Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Rhodonite, Firebird, Fire on the Mountain

CW2STROption1Option 2:Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Rhodonite, Knitty Rocks, Titania

CW2STROption2Option 3:Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Rhodonite, Knitty Rocks, Fire on the Mountain

CW2STROption3Option 4:Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Knitty Rocks, Fire on the Mountain, Titania

CW2STROption4I’ve tried to arrange them so that each colorway has something in common with the next one. As you can see, I’m also going (st least sort of) light to dark from top to bottom on the shawl – I like the weight that gives the edge.I finshed up the fingerless gloves last night. I really love them, and I can’t wait until the weather cools off so I can wear them!

FingerlessGlovesDoneThey are still a little damp here, but the color is accurate.

Yesterday, I went to StitchDC with some of the lovely ladies that I knit with at Barnes & Noble. We had a great time, I got to see the always lovely Olga, and we had lunch at Banana Cafe (yum!). I picked up a couple of single skeins to make more Dream Swatches. Since I’m letting my hair grow out (for the moment – we’ll see how long it lasts this time…), I can see these getting a lot of use.

dreamswatchyarns9-5L to R, that’s some Laines du Nord Mulberry Silk, O-Wool Balance (50-50 organic cotton and organic wool) and Louisa Harding Cinnabar, which has the teensiest bit of sparkle to it.

On the way from StitchDC to the restaurant, we passed this cute little store called Homebody. Carol spotted some things she wanted to peek at, so we popped in. It’s a great place with lots of fun kitchen gadgets and gift-y type stuff. I spotted one thing that HAD to come home with me. You know the wineglass charms that people use so that you can tell whose glass is whose at a party? Meet the beer equivalent – beer bands:

beerbandsOf course, instead of having pretty little beads and stuff on them, these have euphemisms for drunkenness. I thought they were hilarious, and I had to get them.

Well, I’m off to debate color choices for CW #2. And to go to my knitting group, of course. Catch you all tomorrow for Yarn Pr0n Friday!

17 comments to The Problem With Charlotte’s Web?

  • I vote for option 1. I love the transition from the pastels of peaseblossom to the intense fire on the mountain.

  • I have no clue…. especially now that I’ve knit with this stuff and know that what’s in the skein is nothing like what you get when you knit.

    If I had to choose, I’d say one.

  • I say option 2 so that you can send me the skein of Fire… 😉 if you go with option 4, I think Fire & Titania need to be flipped (Fire just looks darker). no, don’t do 4. I think 1 & 2 are the best.

    keep in mind you’re getting advice from someone who can’t make up her mind on colors for her own CW (do I want blues, or purples, or browns, or … )

  • I vote for Option 1. It has the most harmonious color flow. Right now I’m picturing a large, snuggly STR hug and *drooool…*

    OMG, those beer bands are hilarious!

  • I like options 1 and 3! I need all that STR! hee hee!

  • I will be the odd one out and say that I much prefer option 3.

    I like the two brightest colors together!

    Can’t wait to see you using the beerbands – and to see what combo you’ve picked.

  • I like option 1 the best.

  • Love the beer bands – great idea!

  • Here I come to the rescue (heh!) I vote none of the above. I think you should do the following:

    Knitty Rocks
    Fire on the Mountain

    I’m not thrilled with the Knitty Rocks in this combo, but I like it better than Sherbert.

    Fire on the Mountain

    I think that’s it.

  • Pretty pretty STR!! I have no idea which one would look better, but I LOVE looking at all the combinations!

    The fingerless gloves are gorgeous! Quick knit too! And those beer bands are hilarious!!

  • I really like Option 1! Love the fingerless gloves! 🙂

  • My first choice was option #3, but when I read your commenter’s choices I took a second look at #1 and I would go with that too as a strong second choice.
    Your CWS and TG’s turned out so well, I’m considering making one myself. Where oh where will I ever find so much extra sock yarn though? 😉

  • Ava

    I like option 4. and the fingergloves – great color!

  • Ava

    finger”less” gloves, that is!

  • Thought I like it, there’s something about the Sherbet that just doesn’t fit in with the rest. Maybe it’s the orange, I dunno.

  • Put me down as having no clue what would look best. But I’m kinda gonna have to go with TG–when I tried my “sans glasses test” to see how the yarn would look (looking at it w/my glasses off to see the colors blend) the Sherbet kept screaming at me.

    Nice fingerless gloves and those beer bands almost make me want to take up drinking beer—almost!

  • I’ve squinted at all of them, and I think Option 4 looks best. I’m inclined to agree with the turtle and bezzie, that the Sherbet doesn’t quite fit in, but it does fit better than the Rhodonite. Yes. I like it best with the Knitty Rocks as yarn #3.

    Those beer bands are hilarious 🙂 Now you just have to be sober enough to remember which one is yours!

    I, too, can barely wait for glove weather… Carol needs to do a pair of those gloves so that you, my mom, and I can all wear them to Stitches… 😉