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Another Wednesday, another WIP!

But first, a FO! It’s the amazing 8-day Charlotte’s Web Shawl! I started this on Saturday, 8/25 at Loop with Amy and the Knitties (hey, it’s a new band!), and finished it up Sunday 9/2. The colors in this aren’t great, but it gives you an idea of the shape, anyway.

I was amazed at how much bigger it grew when I was blocking it. I believe it actually doubled in size from when it was dry. I think it’s in the 65-66″ range across the top. And here I was thinking it was going to wind up more of a shawlette…
And the obligatory closeup stitch pattern shot:


I’ll get a modeled shot tomorrow after it is all dry and off the board.

And as I said in the post title, I have a new WIP to show off. My darling SP Mostly Harmless send me a kit from the Hemp For Knitting/Lanaknits people in the first parcel she sent – it is for “Kathy’s Fingerless Gloves”, knit in HfK Cashmere Canapa (cashmere/hemp), and because she clearly has my number, she sent the yarn in a lovely green. I started them Monday morning while we sat at the Greenbelt, MD Labor Day Parade, and worked on them throughout the day while we hung out with our friends. As of today, I’m here:

(note the DPN holder, also an SP pressie. She’s so cool.)
I’ve got a little bit more to go on the right glove, and then about 3 more repeats on the left, and then I pull out the waste yarn and add the thumbs.

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