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YPF – Visiting Knitty Edition

Last Wednesday (the 8th, not the 15th), I got to add another name to the list of nifty Knittyheads that I’ve met in person. The lovely jpknits was in town with family, and sent me a message on Tuesday that she had a little time before her flight on Wednesday, and would I like to meet up for lunch and a little yarn-fondling. She’d heard my raves about StitchDC, so she wanted to check it out. Happily, I was indeed available, and we met up for a lovely time. We both picked up a couple of things while we were there, and then we headed over to Banana Cafe (where I take everyone if possible), where she treated me to lunch and margaritas (Thank you again, sweetie!!).

First, some lovely Scarlet Fleece Silk & Ivory in a color that I have loved since I found it way back when Maryanne and I went to StitchDC – “Olives and Pimento”:

Oh, that seems like an odd way to sell it? Well, that would be because I didn’t get a picture of it before I cast on and turned most of it into this:

Knit and Tonic’s Dream Swatch (That’s a .pdf), which I finished in a matter of a couple of days, have worn twice, and am already planning to make more of. For an action shot or two, check out Carrie‘s recount of the adventures from this Wednesday. (There will be future yarn pr0n from that trip in coming weeks)

I also picked up some sock yarn, originally planning something for my SP, but the more I look at it, the more I think it might be a little too contrasty for her tastes. So… erm… yeah. It’ll be something for me. Heh. It’s Scarlet Fleece Painted Merino in “Red Velvet Waters”.


And it’s been a week for big ego boosts for me. While we were in Williamsburg on Wednesday, Maryanne picked up some Claudia’s Handpaints in the same colors as my Chevron Scarf to make one of her own, and this morning Amanda informed me that she was ordering some of the Silk & Ivory in the same color as mine to make her own Dream Swatch after seeing mine at DuClaw last night. People think I have good taste in yarn! 😀

Well, once Kris gets home from work, we’re off to help Roxy celebrate her birthday this evening. Have a great weekend everyone!

12 comments to YPF – Visiting Knitty Edition

  • rincaro

    You do have good taste in yarn! I totally need some of that now. I’ve so been coveting anything red.

  • Bobbi

    ok how did you get your dream swatch not to roll? that pimento and olives is yummy!

  • Lauren

    I wouldn’t think I’d like a yarn color called “pimento and olives”, but the color is awesome! And that scarf pattern is nifty! *wants it*

  • jpknits

    Oh, golly, thanks for the nice note! I had a grand time. And that dream swatch – why LOOK AT YOU GO WITH YOUR CRAZY KNITTING SELF!

    I’m so looking forward to knitting up the pimento and olives of the merino that I brought home. Different look from the silk, but both rich and tasty treats.

  • The Fluffy Ewe

    Oooh I am loving the Pimento and Olives yarn! It looks faboo knitted up into a dreamswatch. I am waiting on the perfect yarn to pounce on me for that project. 😀

    Are there yarn shops in Williamsburg? Hubby and I are going back there for our 10th anny in October (we honeymooned there, we were poor then) and I would love to check out some yarny goodness while there.

  • Zonda

    I agree, you do have good taste in yarn….which I hope to find out in person very soon!!

    Pimento and Olives..yikes I’m hungry for a sammich of them right now!

  • gilraen

    Oh the Silk and Ivory looks georgeous. I’ve never seen it before. It looks like it holds the hand-painted colours well. 🙂

    Beautiful scarf!!!!!!

    No wonder it’s being reproduced! 🙂

  • Batty

    Hey, I need that scarf! I’ve been looking for the perfect scarf pattern, and this may just be it.

  • PocketSize

    You already know I like the Pimento and Olives and the resulting headband, but wow that Red Velvet Waters is gorgeous!

    I think that Dream Swatch is the perfect vehicle for some of the handspun I don’t know what to do with…

  • Penny Karma

    Dude… do you have The Fug? Cuz I don’t think the Fug’s been to Philly… 🙂

  • IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits

    Love love love your dream swatch!! You look fabulous in it!! And that yarn is soooooo pretty!! Love the colorway. I’d have to agree…good taste in yarn 🙂

  • Briana - Horse Hound Knit Spin

    Hi! That yarn is so pretty! Which Stitch DC do you go to? I always go to the Chevy Chase one and I’ve found that there isn’t much there in terms of selection.