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I Didn’t Think It Was Raining THAT Hard!

We finally got some long-overdue rain last night, and while it was a pretty hefty storm, I certainly didn’t think it rated Biblical status. Until I went into the kitchen and saw this:

Yes, that’s right. There is a frog on my window. Bizarre.

In other news, I did something today that I have wanted to do since I was a senior in college – I got my nose pierced! I didn’t do it then because I knew I had to find a job, and it wouldn’t have gone over well in Meadville circa 1996. Now that I’m at home, though, I’ve been thinking about it, and Kris told me he thought I should go for it. So, today he drove me down to Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown, and ta da!

I’m loving it, and so is Kris. It’s a little silver stud with a sapphire (my birthstone) in it. Of course, now comes the hard part, though.

How do I tell my mother?

29 comments to I Didn’t Think It Was Raining THAT Hard!

  • Michelle

    Guess that means she doesn’t read your blog? Lucky, mine reads my blog then calls to discuss it all.

  • Rebel

    There’s a good chance she won’t even notice it. People can be ‘blind’ that way. – zuma

  • funfairiegirl

    I want to get my tongue pierced.

    How I have handled my mom is just not tell her. I have yet to admit before she sees either piercings or tattoos. I am a mean mean daughter.

  • Brittany

    The frog on the window is so cool!

    I love the piercing. I’ve wanted to do the same thing since University and have avoided doing it for the same reason – work.

  • JennaKate

    yay for long-awaited piercings!
    it looks great, and I’m not just saying that because we share the same birthstone! =]

  • Bezzie

    You’d be surprised how it’s hard to see those. I had a friend who I thought just had really beautiful nose pimples. 😉

    Frogs on the windows? Isn’t that a plague of some type??

  • Avrienne

    Grats on the pretty pimple, as my high school crowd used to call it.

    I’ve always sort of wanted a nose piercing myself–I’m partial to the tiny silver hoop–but I’m not at the point in my life where I’d feel okay with getting one.

  • pyewacket

    Cuuuute! My long-overdue rebel indulgence is purple stripes in my hair. By golly, I’m a grown woman, which makes my mother that much more so, and she can cope. 😉

    I’m planning a tattoo for my 40th birthday. I’ve got 6 years to design it. Not sure how she’ll cope with that one…

  • ErickaJo

    When she asks, say “Oh, you haven’t noticed that before? I’ve had it for ages!”

  • sillydoggies

    Congrats!!! I love JinxProof. neI wish it had rained that hard in Alexandria.

  • Jennifer

    Congrats on the piercing! I got my bellybutton done about six months ago and mom didn’t find out until about a month ago. Granted, mine is a tad easier to hide…

  • Alana

    Way to go! Wear it with confidence.

  • Amanda

    Eh, just tell her! You’re an adult!

    I didn’t mention the story behind my tongue piercing – I only had it for 2 weeks. I was “testing the waters” on the phone with my mom one day (I was away at school), and she said that if I “ever came home with anything else pierced or tattooed” that she wouldn’t pay my tuition. My mother is “scary” enough that I believed her.

    Out came the tongue ring.

    See? Could be worse! 😛

  • Jo

    Pam – what on earth would she say 😉 ? It looks great!

  • PocketSize

    Even cuter in person 😉 I still say just tell her right before she visits, or don’t say anything.

  • buttercup

    Meadeville?!?! You went to Alleghney?! My brother did too!

    Although I’m not a fan of the nose peircings, yours in cute.

  • Bobbi

    oh! I love it! I’ve wanted one forever, but my sister tells me I’m too old. It looks great!

  • weezalana

    When my mom first saw my tattoo, she almost fainted. But after a few minutes, she was fine. 😉

    The frog pic is too funny!

  • The Fluffy Ewe

    I have been wanting to do the same thing, too. My husband would freak if I did. It looks wonderful on you!

    Lol @ frog.

  • Erin

    I got my nose pierced a couple months ago. I went around and told my parents right away, I was that excited about it. They were annoyed with me, but I’ve already done the green/blue/purple hair thing and have 2 tattoos, so a silver nose stud wasn’t a big deal. I think most jobs that frown on them make you either remove it or put a bandaid on it.

  • Sherry W

    Such a cute nose ring!

    I like the froggy too!

  • roxy =^o^=

    Shexy shexy

    (you, not the frawg LOL)

  • Penny Karma

    I totally want one now!

  • Karen

    I want to get another ear piercing…the tragus. Hubby isn’t thrilled, and I’m still not too sure about the pain. Your nose ring rocks. 🙂

    And the frog on the window? Freeeeaky!

  • Christine

    Don’t tell her. Just show up at her house and surprise her with it. That is what I did last summer when I had mine pierced! (She kept asking me if it was just a glue on jewel. *rolling my eyes*)

  • Magatha

    You’re so cute, you wear it well!

    Hey, it’s good luck to have frogs, and one on your window is especially cool. (I’m making this up but considering how many frogs are close to endangered species, it’s good to see them anytime.)

  • turtlegirl76

    My mom says “Oh Jesus. Ok, mmmhmm. Whatever.”

  • knitty_kat

    hahahaha! Ya, just don’t say anything, she probably won’t notice and really, it’s your body, you can do what you like!! BTW, I think it looks lovely on you!

  • PassionKNITly

    LOVE the nose ring!!

    I got mine done in France while I was there about four or five years ago and I love it!! I should find one with a nice sapphire in it though, since that’s also MY birthstone! Right now I’ve just got a clear white sparkle.