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WIP Wednesday

So, I finally got to start the Mystery Stole. I didn’t have a chance this weekend, because we had a friend of ours visiting, so I waited to cast on until Monday night at my once-a-month knitting group. I made it most of the way through chart A while I was there, and finished up the rest of the chart yesterday. I still need to do the second chart, but here’s where we stand at the moment.

What’s this odd pile? Those are all the ends trimmed from weaving in on the Molly sleeves.

That’s right! The Molly Sleeves, they are done! (See, Cristi – tree bark!)

Full Flickr set here.

Pattern: Molly Weasley Style Bell Sleeves, from Jo at Fruitcats.com
Yarn: WEBS Valley Yarns Longmeadow cotton/microfiber in 13 colors, 1 to 2 balls of each.
Hook: US size H Clover Bamboo
Jacket: Old Navy

I really enjoyed this one. I wasn’t sure if I would encounter second-sleeve syndrome with these, since I’m known for it with socks, but I really had fun making them. You know, in spite of that little setback with screwing up the second cuff and needing to re-do it. Jo has reminders throughout the pattern to weave in your ends as you go, which I blissfully ignored. It might have made the weaving in go a bit faster, but it also would have made ripping back that second cuff a (bigger) nightmare, so I think I’m glad I waited.

Big BIG thanks to Alice, who suggested attaching them to a denim jacket, and to Maryanne, Roxy, and the other ladies at my kickass knitting group, who encouraged me in the madness that was this project.

In other news, I got a lovely, lovely compliment yesterday. Jacque over at This Kitten Knits awarded me a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” award (’tis over in the sidebar, there). I am so flattered, and really touched at her kind words. I love her blog, and adore her designs (have you seen that Nereides stole? Gorgeous!), so this means that much more to me.

And in the”OhmygodSQUEEEEE!” department, have you read yesterday’s post from the Yarn Harlot, wherein she raves about the addictiveness that is Ravelry? One of the patterns she linked to was my “Jack Sparrow Socks”! And bunches (almost 2000 at last count) have clicked through to check it out. I can’t believe it.

27 comments to WIP Wednesday

  • Bezzie

    They’re done! Congrats!!! I like the denim adaptation rather than the original pattern. Very cool.

  • cpurl17

    Shut UP! Those sleeves are fabulous!! Promise you’ll take photos at the movie/book premiere.

  • Zonda

    I love it!! Especially with the denim jacket!!! Looks so good on you! The Mystery stole is looking good! As for the YH post..I know, she hit it dead on..click, click, click…must, stay away!

  • ErickaJo

    Oh, Trill, those sleeves are bitchin’. Very awesome 😀

  • Jo

    I love the Mollywobbles sleeves! I take it you are going to the movie ASAP and will be hanging out at your local bookstore on the 21st?

  • Donna

    Awesome! I love those sleeves, and they really suit the jacket.

  • Erika

    This sleeves are the awesomeness!

    I was one of the people who clicked on the sock link and now I have to make 2 pairs: one for me and one for my sister who will not shut up about how awesome your socks are and how I am required to make her a pair.

    Your blog is awesome and I just added it to my faves list. Thanks!

  • roxy =^o^=

    THAT is amazing —– great job!
    People are gonna be sooooo jealous of your fabulousness – I’d make that my favorite jacket LOL

    PS- mucho props to the photographer too 😉

  • Lisa

    Trillian, those are just so excellent! Way to go! (And congrats on the Yarn Harlot linky!)

  • PocketSize

    Woooooo you rock!!! I love the sleeves, I already loved the Captain Jack Sparrow Socks, and I’m sorry I ditched knitting to see Transformers. Okay so maybe not so much that last part. But still, yay the sleeves look awesome and YAY the Yarn Harlot ref’d you! And you ARE a rockin’ girl blogger 🙂

  • Jennifer

    The sleeves look awesome!!! They turned out great and I love the denim. Great idea!

  • Amanda

    Squeeeee! Love the sleeves!!

  • Brittany

    Congrats on the Harlot mention!

    The sleeves look great, and the lace looks lovely!

  • IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits

    OMG!!! With 5 days left to spare too! Love those sleeves with the denim jacket!! You look fantastic!! Harry Potter…here we come!! Great job!

  • Kris

    The sleeves are awesome. You did a fantastic job.

  • Jenneke

    Wow, rocking girl with a sleavidge. You go girl!

  • turtlegirl76

    Eeee! They look so fabulous! Yay! They do look fab with that jacket. I think you could wear it to something OTHER than the HP events and be fine! Love ’em. Great job!

  • Batty

    Loooove the Molly Sleeves! They’re excellent!

  • buttercup

    Awesome on all counts! The jacket looks so fab and I think I’ll have to make one.

    Excellent on the YH linkage. I have your pattern waiting in the wings to make for the nephews – and me.

  • Magatha

    Call me perverse, but I love that photo of pile of colors. It’s wonderful.

    Yesh, those are a fancy set of sleeves you got there missy! ;- Well done, I am in awe of your crochet mojo.
    I love pics of you modeling. They’re always so well done, so cheerful.

  • Rain

    The stole is looking beautiful so far.

    I love, love, LOVE the molly weasley sleeves. The look great with the denim.

  • Rain

    Huge squeeeeeeee on the linkage!

  • kemtee

    Your fabulosity knows no bounds, darlin.’

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    Freaking awesome Pam!!!! Lovely, lovely work, and they look so cool with a denim vest!

    You make crocheting look good!

  • Penny Karma

    You’re SO AWESOME!!!!

  • Rebel

    Yay! Those are awesome, you’ll be the hit of the book release party! – zuma

  • Tracy


    Love them!

    looking at socks now…