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Remember Zaphod?

To refresh your memory, when last we saw my lovely new Hitchhiker wheel Zaphod, he looked like this:
And now? Well, after a Saturday afternoon with Carrie and her new Hitchhiker Ford, Zaphod looks like this:

And yes, the back of the wheel says “Don’t Panic!” What else would you expect it to say? Be sure to check on Carrie today. Zaphod’s semicousin (They share 3 of the same mothers, don’t you know.) should also be making his debut today.

And because Zaphod was being painted, I didn’t get a chance to do any spinning on him just yet. So, I dug out some in-progress handspun from the stash for today’s post. This is some Gypsy Girl silk roving that I picked up at MDS&W last year, being spun on a (*gasp*) drop spindle. I couldn’t tell you the last time I spun any of it, though.
And yes, Carrie, I DO still have “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” stuck in my head.

And JavaJem – sorry that these are back on Photobucket. I’ll make the switch to fulltime Flickr eventually, I swear. 🙂 Stuff that is going in Ravelry may start getting doubled up to both of them until then.

20 comments to Remember Zaphod?

  • Jessica

    Fricking too cool! I remember the dolphins in the movie! 😀 Coolest wheel I have ever seen. Hands down. You definitely are not a minivan driving wheel owner. More like a top down sports car!Congrats!

  • Suzanne

    Did YOU paint Zaphod? Wow! When I get my hitchhiker can I commission you to paint mine?

  • SarahJanet

    Hee! I was totally going to say you should rig it up to sing “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish.”

    We are nerds. But you are a nerd with a beautiful wheel!

  • Crazy Colorado Knitter

    that’s awesome. so very very awesome.

    if i got a hitchhiker, it would be arthur, not zaphod. i’m a very dentarthurdent kinda gal. 🙂

  • Kris

    Wow, nice paint job.

  • PocketSize

    YAAAY Zaphod looks awesome 🙂 And that Gypsy Girl roving is lovely. We really do have to get together to spin 🙂

    P.S. Ford won’t be up until this evening; there was a birth in the family last night, so we had to take my parents’ goddaughter for the night. Incidentally, my mom and I ended up singing “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” to her 😛

  • Amanda

    Zaphod is a work of art! Congrats – and good work!!

  • cathy

    Awesome bling job there 🙂

  • Batty

    Best wheel ever! Nice paint job.

  • Rain

    Oh wow, that looks amazing.

  • String Bean

    I think I should tell you that when I saw Zaphod’s paintjob I squealed and shook my hands. I have converted to a giddy 15 year old. And it’s all your fault.

    He’s so cute!! EEE!

    By the way, how much do Hitchhikers go for?

  • yarnophiliac

    O M G — that is the coolest wheel I have EVER seen. Bravo.

  • Magatha

    OMG You are the coolest spinnig frood on the block now!

  • Sherry W

    Very cute!

  • peri

    Cool wheel and awesome paint job = tres cute!

  • Thursday

    WOW, it looks amazing and very “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

  • Penny Karma

    If I weren’t already as cool as I am, I’d be jealous of how cool you are.

  • Zonda

    Finally, I can see it!! Fabulous!! I just love it! Hope to see it in person one day! 😉

  • Penny

    Now if we could just figure out how to make a wheel look like a towel, I’m all over it. Love it!

  • Nancy

    Hadnt checked your blog in a bit. Congrats on Zaphod! Happy spinning!