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You Wanted FO Pics?

You got ’em!

First – my Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace. This is a FABULOUS book. If you crochet, you really should give it a look.

Artfully draped over, er, a box:

And now, semi-knitting FO. I went to Ikea (Ah, how I love thee…) last Friday night (while Kris was working from 6am to 4am. Yes, you read that right. A 22-hour day. And that was just the start of the weekend…) I was going there to pick up a shelf unit. Specifically, an Expedit bookcase. Why?

For this:
My new stash organization system. I was really, really tired of ugly plastic boxes piled up against the wall. It was a total pain in the ass to get into anything that wasn’t on the top level, and it just wasn’t PRETTY.

Those boxes on the far left? Those would be the same kinds that used to house the whole stash. The 6 orange canvas drawers on the bottom shelves hold sock yarn (yes, all of them) and the 4 baskets hold random single skeins that don’t have projects planned yet. The two big lidded baskets on the floor house spinning stuff – one for bobbins and spindles and my lazy kates, and the other for in-progress fiber on spindles.

Oh, and this:

Is all stuff I’m going to be putting up for swap or sale in the near future. (OK, maybe not “near” – I’ve got stuff going on every weekend in May, so it might not be until June)

And the completely non-knitting FO – our new powder room! We attacked it last week and finished it up on Saturday. Previously, it was white walls, a ridiculously oversized mirror, and a very, very basic sink cabinet and sink. Blah. We tore out everything but the floor and the toilet, and now we have this:

Pedestal sink! Yay!
And the decorating inspiration – four of Kris’s photos of the flowering cherry tree out front:

Now, back to work on Tomato before Cristi completely humiliates me by finishing it. I’m fairly certain I’m losing this particular race, but I’m ok with that. Mine’s going to be cuter.

32 comments to You Wanted FO Pics?

  • cathy

    Love the powder room. Such a pretty shade of green.

    I absolutely *love* your ikea yarn storage solution.

    And the crochet shawl: gorgeous 🙂

  • sgeddes

    Love those FO’s! The bathroom is lovely. I love the shelf system from ikea. Looks much more handy than those plactic boxes.

    The shawl is beautiful.

  • Mintyfresh

    holy CRAP that is a lot of yarn. I have an expedit bookcase–i love the expedit–but it’s mostly full of books. my stash would be like three holes of the expedit, total. your room looks like a yarn store!

  • reluctantMANGO

    Oh, I’m feeling that Ikea itch! Both rooms look great – you did a wonderful job on them!

  • Helen

    if by some chance there is any 220 in those bins to swap, i claim it!

  • The Fluffy Ewe

    /me green with envy of your yarn storage.

    Love the storage unit for the yarn. Can decide if I am more envious of the storage unit or the stash??? Hmm… Lol

    I can’t wait to see your Tomato! I WILL knit that sweater. Im thinking Cotton-Ease Terracotta and alomond, similar to the original.

  • Sherry W

    Love the orange walls!

    I was thinking ‘hey, what a nice yarn store’ before reading your post.

  • Zonda

    Wow, that Tea Shawl is gorgeous! I love the storage! It makes the room look good.

  • gretchen

    i’m tomato-ing too. and I’m ALWAYS last…..I LOVE the stash org. HWat a great shelf selection….awesome organization!!

  • turtlegirl76

    Oh. My. GAWD! I want that storage unit! That’s so awesome. Your craft room looks so much more awesome than it already was. Wow.

  • skhpottery

    Way.To.Go!!! I love getting things organized. Shame I hardly ever do it.

  • lmilla

    Great job! I, too, have an expedit – but my books have that one. Now, if only I could find room for another one…

    The powder room, is beautiful, too! I love your color choices for both rooms! And I’ll look forward to you postin about sawpping/selling the yarn!

  • Jessica

    Go you! I love your new organization system. Brilliant. Your bathroom looks great as well. I love the color and that vase with the flowers!

  • Stitchcounter

    Wow. The shawl is gorgeous and in green, who would’ve thunk it? hee hee.

    The stash looks even more impressive now that it has its own display area. (We won’t have an IKEA until late fall but then watch out.) As for the powder room, muy tres chic.

  • Holly

    OMG–your shawl is drop dead gorgeous! Also, when I first saw the yarn pic stash I was wondering what store you went to for the idea! I wish we had an Ikea in Western NY! and the bathroom rocks.

  • quaffy

    The next time my mum tells me I have too much yarn, I’m going to show her this post 😉

  • Ali

    WOW! I love the colours of both rooms, they are beautiful! Your yarn room does resemble a really nice yarn store. It’s inviting. Great redo on the powder room.

  • PocketSize

    Oh em eff gee. I am SO jealous of your stash organization. Here I am trying to just convince mom to get a barrister’s bookcase for our soon(ish)-to-be yarn room, and you’ve got wall-to-wall Ikea!

    Also? The tea shawl? Gorgeous. A beautiful job. Now gimme that book! 😉

  • chemgrrl

    Beautiful job–on everything! Do you hire yourself out as an interior decorator? I think I might need one when we redo our house–oh, in about five years. 🙂

  • LaBean

    I went into IKEA and saw that shelving system. I cried. I wanted to shrink it like in the Jetsons, and take it home with me. hee

    That doily is AMAZING. I love crochet doilies. I keep promising to get back into it but never found the right inspiration. I think I’ve found it! Thank you!!

  • jc.brantjes

    I love Ikea… Have 4 of their closets of which one is also filled with yarny goodness. Loved the crocheted lace as well.

    greatings Jenneke

  • stitching diva

    Your shawl is absolutely beautiful! the patience you have is unbelievable!!

  • Magatha

    What can I say, all fabulous! The powder room! The yarn heaven/haven! The Claudia’s hand paint! The crocheted shawl! The unfinished Tomato! (I suggest you get duress points for doing so much else AND doing that much on Tomato! Eh? Yeah, bonus points! 😉

  • Bezzie

    Damnit. How did I miss this post? I want to lock myself in your craft room and pee in your beautiful bathroom!!!!

  • OLPP

    I want to come live in your house!

  • Brittany

    The green in the lav looks lovely! The shelving system is amazing.

  • elan

    I need to go to ikea! Wow aren’t you worried about moths though? I keep all my wool in the freezer (paranoid, I know) but it sure looks pretty out on display, I wonder if Mark would let me do that? I’d best wait til a boy leaves for college one of these years.

  • Sssarahevt

    Can I sleep in your craft room? The yarn makes it better than sleeping at Ikea, which is my secret dream.
    darn. I can’t keep secrets.
    PS: my word verification ended in LYS!!!Hee hee!

  • Rain

    That is so pretty.

    I love your new storage solution.

  • Ava

    Just saw your crochet shawl on Ravelry, then here, it is spectacular! Don’t know how I missed it or the Ikea storage. I need these shelves bad! Were they heavy?

  • I just learned of that book today, did a search, and stopped by to see your shawl. First, green is my very favorite color~IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!! Hafta, hafta, HAFTA get this book! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~please tell me it’s in yarn and not thread though… Pretty please?

  • Okay, I’ve left a comment and now your stash pic is finished loading. (Dial-up!) GIRL! Can I just come shoppin’ at yer house? LOL! It’s beautiful! (((((HUGS))))) sandi