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More Fleece Artist Pr0n

The second colorway of the Fleece Artist Merino Sock that we featured last week: “Cosmic Dawn”, chosen by Kris for socks for him. (What can I say? He likes funky socks. Yay!)

Full skein:

Pr0nny closeups:

And my other purchase from Little Knits, some Tilli Tomas Silk Chenille in “Ruby Wine”. This is going to (probably) be the “Luscious Pullover” from Sally Melville’s The Purl Stitch. And hey, she had it for half off, so why not? 🙂
You should see the uber-closeup on this full sized. You can see the reflection on every fiber. It’s so cool.

Oh, and speaking of socks (and the Sock Exchange) Jenneke finished mine!! Aren’t they gorgeous? Jenneke, I’m working on yours, I swear. I had to give my wrists a break for a couple of days. Working on the size ones was starting to get to them. But I should have them done in the next day or two. I’m on the legs at this point, and I do think I’m going to do a picot bindoff. I’ll post another progress shot after I see how far I get this weekend. And if there is anything in particular you’d love to try that I can get here and you can’t, just let me know!

20 comments to More Fleece Artist Pr0n

  • Jo

    Lovely! I can’t wait to see what kind of socks you make out of these.

  • Jessica

    Wow. Cosmic Dawn. The name really does it for these socks. You just imagine being in space and the colors a “dawn” would create. I can’t wait to see them knit up!
    And that chenille is looking good! Let me know if you know a cheaper version of meunch me for a vintage velvet scarf….since you know where all the deals are! 😉

  • sgeddes

    Wow! Those weill be some fun socks! I wish my man would wear such fun colors.

  • Bobbi

    That sock yarn is amazing! And the red of that Tilli Tomas Silk Chenille! Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Kristi

    Heh, I was thinking of doing the exact same colorway for today. Hm. Can’t compete with your pictures — they’re lovely, as always!

  • jenneke

    Ah, fleece artist…. I followed your link to litleknits and ordered me too skeins (have you seen the ‘forest’ colorway?). I’m very curious on your progress, but take your time. No need to rush.

    If I can ask for something, I would love some of that koolaid dye stuff. You can’t get it in Holland and I’m really curious.

  • Zonda

    Gorgeous!!! Amazing all those colors in one skein and the other, wow!!

    Yay, you are getting some nice socks there! 🙂

  • Robin

    Gorgeous yarn!! That chenille looks soo soft and such a rich color.

  • Lauren

    Wow there are a lot of colors in that sock yarn, it looks so neat!

  • turtlegirl76

    Yay! Your socks look really cool. And that tilli thomas uber close up – wow. I saved that. To be used for a future background on the *sniff* – HOME – computer. Grah!

    Beautiful shots again, Kris.

  • k-good-row

    Beautiful! I love the Tilli Thomas and I can’t wait to see the socks.

  • Faerynuff

    I want it!

  • Brittany

    The picture of the Tilli Thomas is amazing. It looks so lush!

  • Cabstand

    Mmmmm, cosmic dawn looks spectacular. Can’t wait to see how it looks knitted up.

  • Batty

    Can’t get enough of the pr0n. It’s addictive!

  • Bezzie

    Freak a monkey! I have missed how many of your posts????? Stupid bloglines!!!

    I’m just now catching up on like a week’s worth of your yarn pron! Very nice by the way!

  • Kim

    Okay, I was saved from falling off the yarn diet wagon by the fact that Little Knits was out of the color I wanted. Whew – that was close!

  • Anonymous

    I have a question regarding the luscious pullover. The Tilli Thomas is a different gauge then the yarn recommended. Do you plan to use the Tilli Thomas doubled or are you just going to use it as is? I really like the pattern and would appreciate your feedback so I can order the yarn from Little Knits. Thanks for your relpy.

  • Trillian42

    Hi! I’m planning to use the Tilli Tomas as-is. I’ll swatch it and see what kind of fabric I get, and then probably adjust the pattern as I need to. And if it looks like I won’t have quite enough, I’ll figure something out.