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Yarn Pron Friday!!

Yeah… I’ve run out of clever names for YPF posts. Maybe I’ll be inspired before next week. 🙂

This week, we have some of Kris’s very fave fiber to photograph (Hey! Alliteration!): sari silk. He did some shots a while back of a skein that was swapped to me by Margaret9, and they were gorgeous. So, when the delightful Mary Mary gifted me a bag (TEN skeins) of the stuff as part of her de-stashing, he was quite excited. (What can I say, we’re simple people – in many senses of the word – it doesn’t take much to make us happy)

And without further ado:

Mary also send me a lovely hank of mohair that she suggested I might want to dye and use with the sari silk in a throw of some sort. I’m still considering my options, but that is definitely a possibility.

10 comments to Yarn Pron Friday!!

  • sgeddes

    Beautiful! I se ewhy he like to photograph that yarn. Looks like a very festive party.

  • Jessica

    That stuff is beautiful! I’ve been thinking of getting some for a while now. Your pictures of it remind me of the circus! Or maybe it’s because the fair is in town. 🙂

  • Zonda

    The yarn is always beautiful on its own..however, with these pictures its just more amazingly beautiful! Awesome job! I felt like I could reach out and pet it..

  • Bobbi

    What beautiful yarn! Your DH always takes such amazing pictures. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • Avrienne

    Every time I see exceptionally colorful yarn like that, I always feel like that’s the stuff I need to be knitting with, instead of whatever I’m working on!

    Thank goodness I’ve already been playing with color this week, or I’d be tempted to splurge when I shouldn’t…

  • turtlegirl76

    How the hell did I miss out on her destash? I didn’t hear about it until after everyone started receiving stuff. I swear! 10 skeins?! Wow!

    Again, Kris, beautiful job. The details are amazing. The full size photos are just to die for. I see another background image for my desktop. This time at work.

  • Sarah

    Lovely lovely!

    I love the brightness of the primary colors in that yarn. Very crayon-y!

  • Batty

    That is some gorgeous fiber! Now I want sari silk. Your DH is an amazing yarnographer.

  • Rain

    The pics of the sari silk are fantastic, it looks wonderful.

  • Danielle

    Look forward to seeing the sari silk knit up– I have no idea what it looks like. It’s certainly gorgeous in the skein.htt