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Baby New Year Yarn Pr0n!

Wow… THAT could be taken so very badly…

Anyway, welcome to the first YPF of 2007! This week, we feature some Noro Kureyon I picked up from Little Knits (We *heart* Little Knits!!!) to go with some purchased earlier for Lizard Ridge.

First, color #170

And three shots of color #164

Have a great weekend!

And SarahJanet – yes, I will get that tutorial put together this weekend. Great minds think alike!

ETA: And one last piccie – Tom sent this to my cellphone Christmas morning. He liked his hat! Yay! And he wore it to the salon and now half the staff want hats. 😀

8 comments to Baby New Year Yarn Pr0n!

  • Zonda

    That is just plain GORGEOUS! hehe!
    Happy New Year…

    yeah..I’m giddy…over caffeinated more like it 😉

  • Bobbi

    Great shots! and beautiful yarn!

  • Suzanne

    I LOVE how you photograph your yarn! Why doesn’t mine ever look like that??! Mega zoom camera, here I come.

  • SarahJanet

    Yay! Thank you!

  • thatfarmgirl

    Yo Pam. Why is Tom wearing MY hat?

  • Jessica

    I am not a big fan of Noro but, man their colors are gorgeous!! If only it were a bit softer…

    I need to blogline you!hey, I’ve only had a blogline account for a week! gimme a break.;) I missed that beautiful baby blanket down there. I think that’s the one I’m going to make for my sister! Yours looks great!!

    And Tom’s hat…AWESOME!!

  • Batty

    Nice yarn! The Noro always gets me, I almost bought 3 skeins today. Instead, I got sock yarn.

  • String Bean

    Nice yarn pr0n!

    The goal for this year is 250 more hats? Wowza!