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Because You’ve All Been Waiting…

I hereby unveil Dad’s Mohawk Hat! He cracked up completely when he saw it, and put it on immediately:
Mom’s reaction?

Dad debated tying the flaps under his chin.

I love my Dad. He’s insane, but I love him.

And for Christmas, I made him the Amhra’n Gra’ sweater from KnitPicks.
I used KnitPicks Swish Superwash in “Fired Brick”. I picked the color because it was a very cranberry red, and, well, they live in Cranberry Township. He works at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course. It just seemed appropriate. And when he opened it, that was the first thing he said: “Hey, it’s cranberry!” I have to say, the pattern is a little tricky to get used to, but once I got used to it, I absolutely loved knitting it. And I think it turned out pretty well, if I say so myself!

And this is not my FO, but I have to show it off. Kris made Dad a display rack for his collection of poker chips from all different casinos. The back is even lined with actual poker table felt. Isn’t it cool?
And I did make a pair of Diamante socks in KP Gloss in “Dusk” for my aunt (Not a Christmas gift, but a “just because” gift after she was checking out my Pomatomus socks when we were up over Labor Day) but I completely failed to get a picture. Loved the pattern and the yarn, though. Start to finish – 4 days. Fastest socks I’ve ever done. And the toe-up heel flap construction? I will SO be using that again!!

13 comments to Because You’ve All Been Waiting…

  • helen

    glad those sock heels worked out. still not sure if i am making those or not. the hat turned out great, hehe!

  • Anonymous

    Your Dad is AWESOME.

  • Beverly

    I LOVE the sweater! It looks fabulous and I can tell you spent a lot of time working on it! Great job. The hat is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    That hat rocks! The sweater too!

  • Zonda

    That is totally awesome! The hat is perfect and he looks cool in it! 🙂 The sweater is gorgeous! All that work! and tell Kris he did an excellent job on the display case! 🙂

  • knitting-cat

    What a great Dad. he looks like he really enjoys your good work.

    Great knitting.

  • turtlegirl76

    The sweater was a thing of beauty in it’s half-finished state, but the end result is even better! It turned out great! Amazing work on all those cables.

    Neat idea to keep the Swell pattern in the hat. The tassels look a bit short, have you thought of making a longer set of them? I wonder if mine turned out that short on my nephew. Hmm…

  • Bezzie

    Oh my gosh! Too cool!!! I love your mom’s expression!!!
    Your dad made out like a bandit–handknit hat, sweater, AND poker chip display deeley! He’s lucky to have such a talented daughter and son in law!!

  • cathy

    Great hat! 🙂 Your dad made out like a bandit.

  • l

    Sounds like you had a great Xmas! the sweater and hat are terrific!! Dad definitely seems like he’d enjoy wearing that hat.

    I am using Telemark right now and I’m not to thrilled with it. Didn’t it like to unravel alot on you? I did stranded knitting with it and no matter how I held the yarn it unravelled. My brain’s not sharp enough to try combined knitting to wrap the yarn the other way so I guess I’ll have to leave T-mark alone.

  • Rain

    Tee hee love the hat. It doesn’t look like your Mom will walk with him when he wears it though 😉

    The sweater is great too.

  • Dulcedosa

    I was telling the girls at knit nite about your mohawk hat. I think it’s so cute. 😉

  • roxy ^-o-^

    Amazing. Totally amazing all around…sweaters, hats, woodworking… there is no end to the talent at your house. I cannot begin to imagine what your cats & dogs do when you guys aren’t home. And the fish?


    Love ya,