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Knit Picks KIP Bags Review

Warning – LOTS of pictures. If you’re on dialup, well, I’ll just apologize now. And I apologize to everyone that some of these are a little blurry. Most of them are fine, though. And if you want to see the pics bigger for a better look at a detail or something, click away!

So, my lovely UPS person brought me a box today. What was in it? My Knit Picks KIPer Bags Set (Yes, of course I ordered the whole set. Do you people not know me at all?). So, as I promised, here is my quick review of them. I will update this as necessary as I use them.

First impression? I LIKE them! A lot! They are nice and deep, and for someone who likes to stuff a bag like I do, that’s a great thing. The loop handles are nice and long, and I can see being able to put that over my shoulder for a quick moment, although not for long-term carrying, at least not for the largest size.

First of all, the Chart Keeper. For a fan of the Post-It Method of chart-place-keeping, this thing ROCKS. It folds nicely and closes with a magnetic snap, keeping my Post-Its right where they belong. As you can see, the strap that closes it will also attach the two sides to make a nice easel, holding your chart so that it can be seen. There are 4 magnets in there, holding the chart firmly in place. One thing I wish it had is a clear piece (magnified or not, no preference) to place on the line you are working. That’s not so much for me (since I am the Post-It queen), but I can see it getting use by other folks. And frankly, if it was there, probably by me too.

Okay – the small bag. Here you see it open and empty on the left, and open and full on the right. The small bag has a large zippered pocket along one side, about half as deep as the bag, and an open pocket about the same size on the other side. Right now it holds, with ease, my Chart Keeper holding the pattern for my WIP, the strap for the bag, 2 hanks (not yet wound) of Knit Picks Shimmer, 2 balls of the same Shimmer, and my WIP, the Candleflame Shawl, as you can see here.

The medium bag: This has the zippered pocket (open on top in the picture to the left) on one side, and two open pockets on the other side. It is holding a KnitPicks Needle Binder containing my sock-oriented circular needles, the bag strap (Yes, each one has its own strap. A nice touch, to my mind), the
Pomatomus pattern, some hand lotion, and my Pomatomus socks in progress (yes, still). And it has a lot of extra room.

The large bag: This one is going to be my go-to bag for sure. It has the zippered pocket on one side, and three open pockets along the opposite side. It is holding my other KnitPicks Needle Case, which holds my Options set, the strap for this bag and the Purse Organizer (more on that in a minute), my knitting accessories bag (an old pink makeup case with lots of pockets – it’s about half the size of the needle case – you can see it in the pic to the left, but it got buried under Sizzle in the one below), the Accessories Bag from the set (currently holding random purse-oriented stuff like eyedrops and Excedrin), my Sizzle pattern, and my WIP, Sizzle, along with 5 full skeins of extra yarn. (I think there is some hand lotion in there, too, but I missed it in the picture)

The Purse Organizer: I was a little confused by this on the Knit Picks website, because I didn’t totally understand that it hooked to the outside of the bag. I couldn’t figure out how helpful it would be on the inside, since it would take up space from knitting stuff. Here, it is attached to the big bag. As you can see, it is about half the height of the big bag, so it is about the same size as the small bag. There is a nice big zippered pocket in the middle, open pockets on both sides, a cell phone pocket (currently holding my iPod), two pen loops, and enough spaces for your ID and lots of ATM/credit/discount cards (10 pockets, if I remember right). It has loops on the top to attach its own strap if you were going somewhere and didn’t want to take your knitting along, but just this. Why someone would do that, I can’t imagine, but there are allegedly places where people frown on knitting. You know, like weddings and formal occasions and things. =)

How does this organizer attach to the bags? I’m glad you asked! There are two clasps on the back of each bag that look like this. They lock down like this, and are not easy to undo. Plus, the purse has to be open to undo them, so I am not as worried about someone being able to steal the purse part easily.

When you unlock the clasps and open them, they look like the picture on the right. The purse slides off the clasps, and then releases from the magnets on the bottom, as you can see on the right. Each of the three knitting bags has this system, so you can move the purse from bag to bag in just a few moments of effort.

So, there you have it. My 2 cents on the new bags. Honestly, the only thing I would change at this point is that I would rather the bags have a double zipper. Mostly, that is because I always go to the wrong end of a bag to open or close a zipper, so I zip them to the center. =)

25 comments to Knit Picks KIP Bags Review

  • Jerry & Maxy

    What a THOROUGH review, trill! Thanks! You make them look better than KP does!

  • Manda

    awesome review on the KP bags! 🙂 I also wanted to say thanks for the stash worksheet template. someone on one of my lists mentioned it in a discussion we were having about stash organization, and since I am in need of some serious stash organization, I’ve been plugging all my yarns into it this evening. I’ve got it all done except one three-drawer cart of sock yarn. *lol* I’ve tried making my own spreadsheets for it, but could never get everything plugged in or have it all look the way I wanted, so I thank you for your hard work on it, and for posting it!! 🙂

    take care,

  • Zonda

    Great review! Thanks! I wasn’t sure about getting them as KP has no pictures! Your description, followed by everything you fit in each bag is perfect! Thanks! 🙂

  • roxy ^-o-^

    Awesome review Pam. Thanks 🙂

    BTW I drove past your house the other day to see if y’all wanted to go to Cali Tortilla but I didn’t see anyone home LOL

  • Rain

    Can I roll on the floor beating my fists in a proper toddler tantrum?

    They look and sound fantastic, especially the chart keeper and I love the fabric. Damn Knitpicks for not shipping internationally.

    Enjoy using them, they’re great.

  • Emilee

    Thank you so much for posting a thorough review! The are on my Christmas wish list for sure.

  • thatfarmgirl

    Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm…you might not want to leave one of those unattended the next time you’re at B&N with me!

  • Valerie

    They should have sent these to you at no cost! That review was really great, especially since there is little to no information on the KnitPicks site. Thanks!

    I’m definitely getting the chart keeper! Isn’t there a magnetic clear magnifying strip you can buy from KnitPicks, too?

  • turtlegirl76

    THANK YOU! I couldn’t tell from the KP website what the purse thingie looked like, and didn’t see it as a separate option anyway. Now I need to get the whole danged set. The options, the bags, all of it. Damn you vile woman.

  • Sherry W

    I don’t need another knitting bag, but that chart keeper really looks handy! (I’m a Post-it junkie too)

  • betzig

    OK, like I didn’t already want them…perhaps I can convince hubby to buy them for me for Christmas. Then again, will I be able to hold out that long? Enjoy!

  • Criosa

    awesome review. thank you so much!

    so that little clasp thing on the bags – does it just stick out when not holding the purse, or does it fold out of the way. (I see myself snagging/poking myself otherwise. potentially. I’d like to know my risks ahead of time.)

    that chart holder looks great! dangit, now I need to get that too!

  • OldLadyPenPal

    i was trying SO HARD to not want one of these! your review and picures are WONDERFUL! if i had any sort of magazine i’d try to hire you. but alas, i don’t. thank you for the awesome review!

  • crafty chica

    wow! great post and great bags.. i wish i could have them all.. the price for the three is not expensive for such a thing like this. *offs to check if they ship internationally*

  • Kim

    did someone say post~it notes? Oh how I love my post~its! LOL!

    Great review!

  • Sarah


    I love the idea of the large bag, the purse and the chart holder….


  • Dulcedosa

    OK! That’s IT! I’m ordering a set and the matching chart keeper and mayber another needle case. OH LAWD! I’m a Knit Picks Groupie now. This is baddddd.

  • Dulcedosa


  • Carol in NJ

    EXCELLENT review! Thank you so much for providing pictures. Knitpicks should use your blog to help sell these bags.

    I was looking at them two days ago and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase them. NOT much detail on the site regarding this product.

    Thanks to you, I am going to buy the medium bag. I’ve ordered the chart holder and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • calicokitty6

    You did a terrific job with the review. I was thinking about getting them, but was not sure how much they would hold. Thanks to your review, I will definitely get them soon.

    (I hope KP reads your comments and sends you a nice gift for the great praise you have given their product.)

  • reluctantMANGO

    fantastic review! My anniversary’s coming up, and now I know what I’ll be lobbying for…

  • Mary

    Fantastic review – thanks so much for showing so much more than KP does on their website or in their catalog. I have another question for you about the chart keeper. Is the main part of it (the solid, flat part of it), just metal, or is it actually magnetic? Or is just the four little magnets that are all that’s magnetic? I ask because I really wouldn’t want that much magnet in an object that I could be potentially carrying somewhat near my laptop PC or cell phone, when I’m traveling. That could result in tragedy, ya know?!

  • Suzanne

    1. I love your user name, being a DOuglas Adams fan myself
    2. Thanks so much for this review…it’s helping a lot with my decision.
    3. Nice to come across another Marylander, hon.

  • Anonymous

    Hi-just read your great review of the KIPer bags. I’m getting ready to order the set and thought I’d ask if you are still happy with them? I love the concept. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Your review was so detailed – yet I feel you left a few things out. While the fabric used for the bags is quite handsome, the handles and especially the shoulder straps look . . . well . . . cheap. I knew they were vinyl (“faux leather” in the KP catalog), but they are ugly. The straps, especially, are so unattractive I couldn’t bring myself to use them.

    As for the high concept connectors – I like the idea, I like the looks – but 2 of mine had already liberated themselves from their bags (and left holes) before I opened the shipping box. Another couple were so stiff I couldn’t make them bend where they should.

    The bags lack internal pockets. Good for some users; less good for others.

    And what I think is the bags biggest drawback: they weigh a ton. I’m returning mine.