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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Three Quick Things

First, I finished Bombshell! Yay! It really came out well – I’m very happy with it. I’ll post pics and more details on the pattern tomorrow.

Also, I did start playing with my KnitPicks needles on the edging for the sweater, and I am in love. I am really happy with them. Again, more detail tomorrow.

Finally, a sign that the apocalypse is clearly nigh – my father has a blog. The pictures are from their neighborhood’s semi-annual crawl – 10 houses, each house is a country with an associated drink. They walk from house to house, drinking at each one and then spend the rest of the evening at the last house. My folks’ house was Cuba – they had Mojitos and Cuba Libres. And yes, I crocheted Dad’s faux Castro beard out of fun fur. I’m so ashamed…

14 comments to Three Quick Things

  • Beck

    Sounds like a great idea – the house crawl. You did great work with that beard.

  • turtlegirl76

    I’d about die if I found out either of my parents had a blog. heck, I’d be shocked to find out that they even knew what one was!

    Can’t wait to see the bombshell!

  • Zonda

    Can’t wait to see the Bombshell!! Interesting beard LOL! Hope you are enjoying your needles!

  • thatfarmgirl

    1. Where do your parents live and
    2. Can I move there?

  • Rain

    Lol, I’m amazed my Mum can send text messages with her mobile phone, so your Dad is seriously tech minded in the parent stakes.

    The beard rocks. Looks like everyone had a fab time. Cool concept for a party.

  • Karen

    The world would definitely be coming to an end if I found out my mom had a blog. She still calls me to ask me questions like, how do I save things to a disk?

    Love the beard!

  • betzig

    I just got my mom to finally learn to use email. Your dad is too cool for having a blog and for wearing the beard you made him.

  • Oosa

    I got myself to your blog by a tip from a fellow-knitter – and loved your Yarn Stash Organization Spreadsheet immedeatly! And I think many others would too, that’s why I’m asking for your permission to translate it in Finnish and publish in my own blog – adding an official creator link here of course.

    Please give me some sort of answer via e-mail (oosan (a) netti.fi – without the spaces, of course), which way it ever is. I also have an active blog, but it’s only in finnish… U can check it out by the addressa http://oosa.vuodatus.net
    My Blogger blog isn’t active right now, although I might put the Sheat to Blogger instead of the Finnish one… Hmm…

    Now I have to check your blog more carefully, it seems to hold many many great issues in it… =)


    ps. If I ever find out my father has a blog, I learn the morse code promtly. Although it’s not complitely impossible as he is a member in amateur radio league…

  • Annie

    Hahahhaha! That is great! What a fun party idea.

  • Brittany


    You are such a tease. I want to see that Bombshell!

  • Rebekah

    Heee, heeee, isn’t it fun when our parents embarrass us.

  • Ali

    I love your Dad’s neighborhood. Sounds like my kinda people. 🙂

  • LaBean

    LOL that’s hilarious. Going from house to house getting smashed. why can’t I have that kind of fun!? And what’s wrong with older people having blogs? Good, they know what one is.. now they can stop asking YOU what one is! :)) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Congrats on finishing Bombshell. Will be waiting for pics!

  • Libi

    That would be so much fun! A neighborhood crawl. I love it!

    I’d love to see Bombshell also.