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I <3 Carbon Leaf

Had the BEST time last night at the Ram’s Head Inn in Annapolis. We went to see Carbon Leaf with Jen and Hillary, and it was an AWESOME show. The Ram’s Head is a nice small venue, so even the furthest tables were near the stage and you could see the guys clearly. Plus, they were just SO good! They played a bunch of new stuff that will hopefully be on the new cd, which is coming out in September. Yay!

Hillary was a total hoot at the show. She wasn’t familiar with Carbon Leaf, but I knew shed like them, so I invited her to come with us. She LOVED them. She kept looking at me after every song, saying “Oh, my God! These guys are GREAT!” By the time we left, she was bouncing up and down, totally in love with the band (and I think perhaps harboring a bit of a crush on the lead singer Barry, who is rather a cutie.) I love introducing new people to Carbon Leaf.

2 comments to I <3 Carbon Leaf

  • Heather Z

    I’m so bummed, they were here this last weekend and couldn’t go because, no sitter. I’m glad that other folks like them as much as I do!

    🙂 Heather – allthingsheather.typepad.com

  • AmyArtisan

    I need to pull out my Carbon Leaf CD – haven’t listened to them in a while. Heard them several years ago & the American Music Awards (?) where they won a contest & right away had to buy their CD. They remind me of Great Big Sea.