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Twice in One Day!

OK, so I probably could have waited and posted this tomorrow, but I’m certainly not the first to post twice in one day. =)

So, I had put a couple of things out for the mailman today, and I wanted to check to see if they had been picked up yet. When I opened the front door, there were two (!) packages waiting for me. The first was from Jimmy Beans Wool. (And no, this doesn’t violate the once-a-month rule on the YFC – I ordered this ages ago and it was backordered.) Lorna’s Laces Shephers Sock in “Black Purl”. I am planning to use this for socks for Kris, mostly because I think he’ll be amused by the color name. He LOVES “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and the ship is called, of course, the “Black Pearl.” Not sure what pattern I’ll use yet – I may ask for his input on that. I’ll probably start these next once the Jaywalkers are done, so that hopefully he’ll be able to wear them when we go see POTC2. Because we’re dorks like that.

The second package was a box that winged its way to me from Canada. Specifically, from my incredibly fabulous SP, bylt. And what treasures did it hold? On the left are 2 balls of Fantasia “Calliope” in a gorgeous red/pink/orange/yellow combination. She picked this up on her trip to Hong Kong, and according to her blog, got some for herself, too. It’s quite soft, and I think it will be really pretty worked up. OK, next to that is a box of chocolates from Purdy’s, a chocolatier that is local to her. Do I even have to say that the box has somewhat less in it that when it arrived? In the back is a Pink Martini cd called “Hang on Little Tomato”, which is playing as I type this. They are just too cool. Next to that is a 100g ball of spectacular merino wool roving – gorgeous and soft as silk. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the colors are amazing. Greens and gold and blues and purples… I can’t imagine what this is going to look like spun! I just hope I can do it justice. Finally, on the right are 2 balls of Filaro 12 ply Mohair that she sent from her stash – one in Royal Blue, and one in Hyacinth. And you might notice – they are sparkly! I think I can find something fun to make out of them.

I feel so lucky to have gotten bylt as my sp. She’s done an amazing job of spoiling me, and seh’s a very sweet person who I am thrilled to now count as a friend.

4 comments to Twice in One Day!

  • Annie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that Lorna’s Lace’s! I’m gonna keep my eyes open for that coloway. I would totally wear them to see the movie, too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your FO!

  • Zonda

    Love your new goodies! Kudos for you on the yarn focus…not sure if I could… 😉

  • Rebekah

    Looks like you had a great day, that’s gorgeous yarn.

  • Necia

    You bless us with 2 posts in one day an entire week ago? Hmnnnnnnn, something just don’t seem fair about that! Where you at girl? What have you churned out since you’ve been gone?