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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Boleros Everywhere!

At least, that’s how it feels around here. I finished Baby Bolero #2. This one is for my cousin Jen and her hubby Eric’s baby, who is scheduled to arrive May 4. I played a little, and did a picot cast-on on the sleeves, followed by seed stitch instead of the ribbing on the original. The plan was to do the same around the waist/neck opening as well by doing a picot bindoff, but… um… I was going to run out of yarn. So, the picots are around the bottom, but the fronts are just the seed stitch. I’m still happy with it, though. And I think she’ll like it.

So, I started BB#3, which is for a little girl that friends of ours are expecting. She’s supposed to make her appearance right aroung the same time as Jen is due. I’ve got a couple more rows on sleeve #1, and then sleeve #2 to do, and then attach them. And then I am taking a break from them for a little while. The fourth one is for my other cousin Beth (Jen’s sister) and she’s not due until the beginning of June, so I think I can take a week or two off.

In the meantime, I cast-on for the Tank Top from One Skein for myself the other night. I am using Knit Picks Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor. I really like the way that the laceweight works up when doubled. And the variegated yarn gives it a neat look, since the variations don’t match up between the strands. (I’m sure I could make them, but why?)

I have been thinking, though. I have the Flower Garden Shimmer that I bought originally to make Hush Hush for the Olympics. I’m wondering if I could make the tank 2-tone. You can see here that the tank is made in two pieces, and joined down the center front and back. Could that work with one side pink and the other turquoise, or would I look like a complete doofus? It’s either that, or I might just use the Flower Garden Shimmer to make a second tank.

And speaking of Hush Hush, I got a flyer in the mail the other day about WEBS Anniversary Sale. They happened to have cones of their Valley Yarns mercerized perle cotton on sale. A 1-pound cone for $11.50. By my calculations (which may be very, very wrong), I should only need 1/3 of the cone to make Hush Hush. (I’ll probably do something lacy with the rest of it.) I ordered it in shade #3853, Tea Rose, and it arrived yesterday. Isn’t it pretty? And along with it, I ordered some Cascade 200 in Charcoal and Black for a sweater for Kris. He picked some daring colors, didn’t he?

So, Kris has decided that he wanted a new hobby. And what did he pick? He wants a fishtank. So, we went out last night and he picked out what he needed and set up a 20-gallon tank in the living room last night.
And, no, there aren’t any fish in it yet. He’s getting the water ready. The plan is to go get the actual fish tonight or tomorrow. And on the shelf to the left, you will notice the Steeler flag and Terrible Towel that my parents brought down for me last weekend. =) Mom thinks I’m crazy, but I want to hang them on the wall.

ETA: Is anyone else seeing the SiteMeter and “Who Links to Me?” up in the top corner of the post, or is it just my computer that has gone all goofy? They should be down at the bottom by the Knitting Olympics stuff. I can’t find anything in my sidebar code making it do that, and it’s kind of annoying me.

7 comments to Boleros Everywhere!

  • Zonda

    Hi! I see the sitemeter and links to you right below the KO stuff, but it is to the left of the margin a bit…is that what you meant…

    Bolero’s! The purple one is so cute! Thanks for showing the other one w/o sleeves…I can picture the “in the round” knitting of the ribbing! 🙂

  • Trillian42

    Huh. Weird. On my computer, it is showing up near the “About Me” thingy at the top. Must be either me or Firefox.

    Glad the pic of the bolero helped! Obviously, I’ve been doing things slightly out of order, just to mix it up a little.

  • Roxy

    I’d move the code block for the site meter to the end of your HTML. That’s where I have mine. I use Firefox and it’s putting your SM at the top right hand corner…

    PS — it was so good to see you on Thursday *hugs*

  • Pyewacket

    Oh, the boleroes are precious. The moms will love them.

    FISHTANK! Squeeeeee! *boing*


    I do love aquaria. Mine is still cycling. I’m absurdly thrilled for Kris. 😀

  • betzig

    Cute boleros! Although I just bought some yarn, the WEBS sale is calling my name. It was great to see you last weekend! (Fishtank? well, its no crazier than knitting.)

  • Jen

    The sitemeter was showing at the top yesterday, but now it’s back where it should be.

    I was poking around the WEBS sale earlier, and just kept reminding myself: Don’t need yarn, 1 month to Sheep & Wool, don’t need yarn, 1 month to Sheep & Wool… 🙂

  • String Bean

    The sitemeter looks fine to me.

    More boleros! I’ve been thinking of knitting one for my friend’s toddler. May have to make it larger though.

    I think the pink and blue yarns would look good together. But if you could get one tank from the blue and another one from the pink, I say knit one in just blue and one in just pink.