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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Olympics Report – Day 2

I am about 20 rows from the end of the back section of the sweater. Shortly after I finished the lace and switched to the stockinette, I was checking something on the pattern and realized that when I started the pattern (you know, the second time), I goofed again.

This is my cast on edge […]

We have Cast On!

Although it wasn’t easy.

So, at 2:00 this afternoon, I sat down with my yarn and my needles, and asked hubby to grab the camera.And wow, what an odd expression I have on my face. Of course, it was nothing compared to the look on my face a few minutes later, when I realized that […]

Countdown to Cast-On!

Currently, we are T-4 hours and 14 minutes.

I made my usual status spreadsheet, so I know exactly where I am, percentage-complete-wise, at every step. According to that, I will be doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 28,000 stitches in the next 16 days. And that doesn’t count frogging back to fix mistakes.

My spot […]

Jessica – A Felted Purse Pattern

Jessica – A Felted Purse

My hairstylist is very big on pink (She had pink streaks in her hair when I first met her). She saw one of the felted bags I had made for myself and jokingly asked me to make one for her. I decided to design a little fluffy bag for her […]

A New Look!

So, what do you think? My darling hubby did some redesigning here at Katydid Knits, and put together the lovely header image up above. I’m probably going to do some more playing with the minor details, but I think the logo is a definite keeper!

And he even made me a button!

Go on, […]

One Quick Thing

Hey – If anyone reading this links to me here and is not already in my list of links over in the sidebar, let me know so I can add you, ok? I know there is probably a way for me to go looking for that, but I am just not that web-savvy.

Knitting Olympics Pattern

So, I finally decided just to scan in the picture from my copy of KnitSimple, rather than looking for one online.This is the sweater I am making for the Knitting Olympics, in the maroon/pink yarn pictured here.

I have also decided that, as my self-challenge warm-up to the Olympics, I am going to have Kris’s […]



On a completely unrelated note, I did decide on a project for the Olympics. I am going to do the Lacy Pullover sweater from Knit Simple. It’s the first sweater I’ve done for myself (tanks yes, sweater with sleeves, no), and it’s going to be pink and sparkly. Plus, it is done […]

Knitting Olympics Snag

So, I sat down last night to wind my KnitPicks Shimmer for the Knitting Olympics. Somehow, a few strands got twisted going on to the swift, and I ended up with a massive tangle. After fighting with it for a couple of hours, I finally got it untangled and wound. OK, mostly untangled. I did […]

Knitting Catch-Up

I will recap the Omaha trip soon, but I figured I’d better at least post something knitting-oriented, since I haven’t really posted in two weeks.

Lots of yarn pics to follow, and since it is a gorgeous day, I even took them outside in natural light. I hope Zib is proud of me. =)

The […]