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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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A New Look!

So, what do you think? My darling hubby did some redesigning here at Katydid Knits, and put together the lovely header image up above. I’m probably going to do some more playing with the minor details, but I think the logo is a definite keeper!

And he even made me a button!

Go on, you know you want to grab one. (Please, no bandwidth stealing!)

I’m making some progress on his socks (had to take time out tonight to make him biscotti for doing the design work for me, though). I am not sure if they will be done before the Olympics, but I already warned him about that, and he’s cool with it.

I made this a few days ago, when Zknitter first mentioned it, but I forgot to post it until now:

It’s my very own Word Cloud, courtesy of SnapShirts. Kind of fun, really.

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