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Leaving on a Jet Plane…

…well, not until tomorrow, but yeah, I am. I got an email about two weeks ago from my best friend Kirsten’s husband Lionel. (She’s the one I sent the Cozy) They have had a really rough couple of months dealing with the loss of their 6-month old baby in December. Kirsten is graduating from college this coming weekend, and Lionel wants to surprise her by having a couple of people there. So, I am flying out tomorrow evening and I will get to see Kir in person for the first time in fifteen years! I am spending the week with her and Lionel and their three-year-old.

In other news, I finished and blocked Ene’s Scarf (from Scarf Style) yesterday. I used Knit Picks Shimmer (Alpaca/Silk) in Morning Mist, and I am really thrilled with how it came out. I probably could have used a smaller needle (I used the US6 called for in the pattern), because I always forget how loosely I knit. I think I am going to start automatically sizing down one needle for projects when I, um…don’t swatch. (I know, I know…)

Here I am in the scarf. (Meeko came over to pester me as soon as I sat down for Kris to take the picture. Silly puppy). Incidentally – new hair! I got tired of the length in the front and had it cut off yesterday. It’s sort of flippy and spiky in the front now, like it already was in the back. =)

Below are a shot of the whole scarf and a closeup of the stitches. I really like this pattern. This is a cast-on-a-bunch-of-stitches-and-decrease pattern, as opposed to Kiri. I can see the advantages of both. I don’t mind casting on a lot of stitches, and it is kind of awesome that it keeps getting faster as you go, but I also like it starting to grow and take shape quickly at the beginning of the project. I’m not quite sure what my next lace shawl will be, so we’ll have to see if it is a top-down or a bottom-up. =)

So, that’s probably it until I get back from visiting Kirsten. Now to decide what project (ok, ok, projects plural) to take on the plane with me…

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