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2006 Knitting Olympics

So, the Yarn Harlot has come up with this brilliant concept: The 2006 Knitting Olympics. She explains it in detail on her blog, but I’ll give a brief version here – pick a project. Something to challenge yourself. Cast on when the Olympic Torch is lit on February 10, and complete it by when it is extinguished on the 26th. So, 16 days to complete a project.

Being a total Olympics fanatic (Seriously – I watch obscene amounts of the coverage, including TiVoing some events so I don’t miss them), I am all about this idea. I just have to decide what to make. So, I’m going to solicit opinions from the two of you who read this. (See, this is a cheap way to figure out who is reading my blog. =) )

I am considering the following projects (links to a pic where available):
*= already own yarn. No * = must buy yarn. The horror. =)
Flower Petal Shawl from elann.com (probably in Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca in Chocolate Truffle (if they have it in stock) or Malt Heather)
Hodgepodge from knowknits designs* (in this Madil Kid Seta)
Hush Hush from Knitty.com (either in KnitPicks Gossamer in Carribean or Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor)
Lacey from Knitty.com (probably in KnitPicks Suri Dream in Fern or Twilight)
Lace and Fair Isle Pullover from Vogue Knits Holiday 2005 (pattern #9)* (in this KnitPicks Palette)
Luna Flickering Flames Skirt from elann.com (probably in Endless Summer Collection Luna in Polished Ebony)
Sweet Mary Jane from KnitPicks* (in this KnitPicks Shadow)

They each pose their own challenge, some with complexity, some with teeny-tiny needles, some with sheer volume of stitches, and some with new techniques.

So, what do you think? What event should I choose for the Knitting Olympics? (Incidentally, I reserve the right to ignore everyone’s advice and decide totally on my own. You know, just in case I feel the need to wuss out.)

3 comments to 2006 Knitting Olympics

  • Kim

    I haven’t made my mind up about Sweet Mary Jane yet. I think I need to see it on an actual person. My vote is for Luna. It’s very pretty and definitely looks to be a challenge!

  • Sherry W

    Luna or Lacy, I think!

  • betzig

    My vote is for the Hush Hush first in the Shimmer and the Sweet Mary Jane is my second choice.

    I love the Olympics idea but I’m not sure I can commit.