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Post-Christmas Knitting and Misc. Update

So, I went yesterday and got the car stuff taken care of. When I went to the emissions testing station, the guy looked up my car, and asked me if I knew that it was overdue. I told him that I never got the notice, and only knew because I had been pulled over for it. So he told me that it had in fact been due in September. Of 2004. How did I never get the notice on this? The post office can get me every stupid offer for a new credit card or to refiniance the house, but they can’t get me something I actually need? *sigh* Anyway, he handed me a form to fill out requesting that the overdue fine be waived. THAT was when he told me about the $260 fine for being overdue. Thankfully, they waived it and it only cost me the normal $14. (Seriously – $14 every two years and a $60 inspection when you first register the car – this is amazing to me, having grown up in PA, home of the $65+ annual inspection) I headed over to the MVA office to request that the suspension be lifted, fully prepared to sit… and sit… and sit, since that is the norm for the MVA office. I even brought my knitting. As soon as I got to the desk and told the woman why I was there, she told me that the suspension is lifted automatically once the emissions people update the system overnight, so it should be gone as of today! Yay!

I got home and was catching up on laundry (seriously – how can TWO PEOPLE create so much laundry?) and I got a fair amount of work done on the Cozy I am making for Kirsten.
I am really loving this yarn. It is KnitPicks Andean Silk in Cinnamon, which is a really lovely warm brown (The above picture is more accurate than the closeup to the right). The yarn is so soft, and yet it doesn’t seem like it is going to pill or get icky at all. I think I may use this when I finally get around to making Tubey – it would be just scrumtious next to the skin, and I think it is the right gauge, etc. It is also showing the stitch pattern really nicely. Speaking of the stitch pattern, I LOVE it! For whatever reason, I have memorized it really quickly, and I have gotten to the point where I can “read” the stitches and know where I should be and (more importantly) correct myself when I am off.

I did get some work done on my Super-Easy Legwarmers (pattern from LMKG) over Christmas, but I got bored with the 1×1 ribbing and am taking a break from them to work on the Cozy. So far, they are here:

Since I am on the tall side, I am just going to keep working them until I run out of yarn. Most likely, the Cascade 220 will go first – there is a lot of yardage in a ball of KidSilk Haze. If I am right, they should turn out to be about 30 inches long when finished. I think the pattern calls for them to be about 26″, so there wouldn’t be much left over. Makes more sense to me to just finish the ball of yarn. They are turning out well and are nice and soft. Kris is still mocking me a little for making them, but I don’t care. I am a child of the 80’s, and I loved my legwarmers back then. I am looking forward to cozy warm ankles as soon as I finish them.

So, I’m off to work some more on Cozy. I got through about 1 ball (out of 10) yesterday, and am almost done with another one today. This pattern rocks!

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