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This Was the Halloween That Was

So, we hosted our annual Halloween party this weekend. We actually had more in costume than not this year! As always, there was way too much food (my bad – we’ll be eating chili for months), and plenty of beer to go around. Here are some of the highlights:

The preparation – Kris, Jen and I carved pumpkins last Thursday night, and I felt the need to photo-document. Here you can see the masters at work.
Kris is clearly thrilled that I have the camera, no? He was working on this, which is proof that once a geek, always a geek:
Jen is working on what is apparently her very first jack-o-lantern ever (!): Trogdor the Burninator:
I think we all had some pretty good success with our pumpkins (although Kris didn’t bring out his devil ghost on Halloween, so I don’t have a picture of that one, although I think Jen has one of all of them on her blog):

I have a few pictures of almost everyone in costume (somehow, I’m missing the Mooneys. Not sure why):
Left to right, we have Big Steve as Charlie Brown (his sheet was off for this picture, but he has it on here) wrangling Clint the Lil’ Devil, Ed as Jayne Cobb, Jen as River Tam, Johnny Mac as Simon Tam, Kris as Jayne Cobb (again), me looking very drag-queeny as Inara Serra (I blame the wig), Kelly as Drew (complete with faux baby Clint) and Hyon as…herself.

So, yes, we had a preponderance of costumes from Firefly/Serenity. Later in the evening, Mike and Brenda showed up and cracked us all up with Mike’s costume. Gorram reaver!

Since he was taking the pictures, Drew wasn’t in the group shot, but he and Clint take the prize for most irreverent costumes of the night (Inspired by Drew’s hair)

The winning picture of the night, though, is of my poor, put-upon husband, who made the mistake of putting a recently-fed baby on his shoulders for a piggyback ride.
The really bad part, is that none of us would get him a towel until we got a picture. We’re kind of cruel that way, I guess. Of course, that’s what he gets for allowing the kid to do this:
Seriously – Clint is so very much Drew’s child. Couldn’t keep his hands off the beer. =)

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